The Value of Facade Access Consulting for Building Owners and Managers

Safe and viable facade access solutions that improve safety and productivity during routine facade maintenance work.

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Published on: April 3, 2014

Creating safe and viable solutions for facade access can help building owners and management companies ensure improved safety for their workers and increased productivity during normal facade maintenance work. Facade access consulting firms can provide solutions for initial construction of tall buildings and can offer guidance for installing maintenance access systems in compliance with OSHA fall protection regulations. By working with these expert firms, building maintenance companies and owners can create safe working conditions and ensure that all necessary tasks can be performed for the continuing health of building structures.

Services Provided by Facade Access Consultants

During the initial stages of the project, facade access consulting firms perform comprehensive analysis of the existing building or the construction plans to determine the best way to approach the access needs of the owners and management team:

  • A complete risk assessment is performed to identify areas of concern and fall protection needs in the planned working environment.
  • Codes, standards and regulatory requirements are considered to ensure that the access system complies with all elements of applicable federal, state and local law.
  • The weight capacities and suitability of various building structures are evaluated to determine the most viable options.
  • Any existing access systems will be studied to decide if some parts can be reused or repurposed for the new configuration.
  • A comprehensive fall protection inspection will be conducted to ensure that the new facade access equipment will provide a safe working environment for staff members.
  • Cost considerations will play a role in the suggestions made by the consultants regarding the most effective davit system and access plan for the particular building and construction project.
  • These design services can help companies achieve the desired results and can ensure convenient access for all necessary building maintenance tasks.

Benefits of Professional Facade Access Consultations

Because professional facade access design and consultation firms have extensive experience with a wide range of building configurations, they can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the construction and building addition process. This can generate significant benefits for building management companies and property owners in managing fall protection and maintenance tasks:

The consultant firm can provide information on cutting-edge strategies and techniques for designing and installing the most cost-effective and safe access systems for ongoing facade maintenance.

  • Their in-depth knowledge of OSHA regulations and building standards can help property managers remain in compliance with these regulatory requirements.
  • Design experts can suggest streamlined strategies for construction and implementation that can potentially save building owners thousands of dollars when creating their facade access solution.
  • The right plans can even save on the cost of maintenance over the life of the system and can boost productivity among workers at higher elevations.
  • Workers can perform their duties in the confidence that they are protected against falls or slips at higher elevations.

Obtaining professional help in creating workable facade access solutions can make a major difference in the effectiveness of this equipment in protecting workers and in providing easy and convenient access to perform regular maintenance tasks. By working with an experienced consultant to create a comprehensive access plan for window washing tasks and other building maintenance requirements, owners and construction firms can ensure the most effective use of their money in completing their building and renovation tasks.

The knowledge and expertise provided by facade access consulting firms can allow greater flexibility in choosing replacement equipment or performing repairs on existing access systems in the future. These experts have the depth of knowledge necessary to provide workable solutions for building access that will stand the test of time. By incorporating their suggestions and guidance into their overall building and renovation plans, property owners and managers can ensure the safest working environments and the most cost-effective use of available budgets.

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