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Skylight Screen (Stainless Steel)


Quantity discounts are available when ordering more than 3 units.

Our skylight screens provide cost effective and easy-to-install protection from falls through skylights. Skylight screens that are designed and installed by Flexible Lifeline Systems are OSHA compliant and provide protection against legal liability.




As your turnkey fall protection provider, FLS evaluates your rooftop to ensure a complete fall protection solution is provided.


Our screen-style skylight covers do not penetrate the roof or skylight curb membranes, thereby maintaining the integrity of the roof warranty.


Each skylight screen is designed to fit your specific dimensions, making installation simple. Our patented installation system will not affect the integrity of the roof hole, whether one of our standard sizes or custom fitting.


FLS skylight screens are available in galvanized or stainless steel according to your specific needs and are engineered to last the lifespan of your skylight.

Additional information

Width Range

12" – 24", 24" to 35", 36" to 41", 42" to 57", 58" to 70"

Length Range

12" to 28", 24" to 40", 29" to 40", 41" to 52", 53" to 64", 65" to 80", 81" to 104", 105" to 128"

Maximum Height

8", 10", 13", 14"


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