Properly Designed Mobile Fall Protection Equipment Can Be Used for Multiple Applications

Falls kill more construction workers every year than any other incident. Many lives can be saved with well designed, properly used fall protection equipment

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Published on: September 10, 2013

People who work in the construction field frequently face dangers like death or injury. Falls are a major cause of workplace incidents in the industry. In fact, falls kill more construction workers every year than any other incident. According to statistics, 100 to 200 workers die from falls annually. In most cases, fall incidents are complex events that may consist of various factors. Therefore, when you purchase the proper fall protection equipment and gear for your business, you will likely improve your company’s safety rating, reputation and improve your financial bottom line.

Mobile Access Stair System Benefits

A mobile access stair unit is an important part of your building maintenance system because you and your employees will have safe access to elevated work areas. Security features include fortified and slip-resistant footing along with safety railings. The ability to use the stair system in multiple locations is another benefit of the safety device. Custom-built designs are also available. With commissioned construction, you can select the system’s height as well as the wheel style. In fact, fall safety engineers will work with you to design the stair mechanism to make sure that it has all of your needed elements. The system allows your employees to complete tasks, maintain business structures and repair equipment in elevated areas.

Mobile Access Stair System Details

A mobile access stair system features a strong frame that is manufactured from powder-coated aluminum. The equipment device has zinc plated steel, which resists deterioration. The material also offers a high level of durability. When you purchase the unit style, you will receive a safety device that has stairs constructed in a step design. This feature gives you and your staff members stability during use. A mobile stair system is lightweight and easy to shift from place to place. In addition, the design has an adjustable height feature for more functionality.

Davit anchor points are another component of the stair system. To increase safety, your employees will attach a line to the component when they are using the system. For even more safety, consider adding a cage to the unit as it gives you and your workers a protective hand railing. The device’s horizontal rail lets your employees work in an extended space with hands-free fall protection since it has a traveling anchor point. It also includes extended outriggers, which provide stability. The system will give you even more stabilization and leveling ability with its adaptable framework.

When you decide to customize your stair system, you can select different types of wheels. Options include pneumatic wheels for exterior use and for long distance relocation. The wheel style is also best for asphalt surfaces. You will need urethane wheels for indoor use on painted floors and clean, open interior spaces.

Additional Safety Equipment and Procedures

As an employer, you must make sure that your workers have the proper training to use the fall protection equipment safely. Keep in mind that you must thoroughly evaluate your worksite to confirm that your structure’s walkways and work areas have the proper strength and structural stability to support your employees. According to OSHA’s regulations, you must have a fall protection system if elevated work surfaces are present. Furthermore, you have the option of purchasing additional fall protection equipment to increase the safety of your worksite.

Specialized safety structures include:

  • Mobile A-frame systems
  • Horizontal rail systems
  • Flexible lifeline systems
  • Freestanding horizontal rails
  • Mobile quad rail systems
  • Freestanding single point anchor units

Reasons to Buy Fall Protection Equipment

Mobile stair systems are a worthwhile investment since you can purchase one unit for several areas of your business. Moreover, they are a cost effective safety solution that will give your employees secure access to your company’s elevated work areas.

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