Prioritizing Fall Protection and Safety in the Recreation Industry

Ensuring the safety of your employees and guests is of critical importance in the recreational marketplace.

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Published on: July 27, 2013

Ensuring the safety of your employees and guests is of critical importance in the recreational marketplace. Whether you manage a large regional theme park or a local entertainment emporium, maintaining your equipment properly is vital to your ongoing success. Implementing the right fall protection equipment can provide your customers, your staff members and your business with an added level of physical security at work and at play.

Maintaining Standards

The American National Standards Institute, more commonly known as ANSI, sets forth the appropriate standards for fall protection and fall restraint devices in ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007, Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components. Recommendations for appropriate fall arrest training and instruction courses are outlined in the ANSI standard. ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007 also covers a full range of fall restraint devices that include the following:

  • Lanyards
  • Full body harnesses
  • Anchorage connectors
  • Vertical lifelines
  • Fall arrest rescue and descent systems

These ANSI standards also provide guidelines for maintaining personal fall arrest systems that include recommendations regarding the following activities:

  • Regular vertical and horizontal lifeline inspection
  • Maintenance of energy absorbers and full body harnesses
  • Adjusting equipment for proper fit
  • Identifying connectors that are approaching end-of-life

Adhering to the requirements of these ANSI standards can provide a higher degree of safety for staff members in performing their regular maintenance duties in your entertainment enterprise.

OSHA Regulations

In addition to the recommendations contained in the relevant ANSI standards, your theme park must maintain compliance with OSHA standards that govern the use of personal fall arrest systems. Among other provisions, OSHA requires the following safety measures:

  • Horizontal lifeline systems must be used in conjunction with a personal fall restraint system under the supervision of a qualified individual.
  • Body belts are prohibited as part of a personal fall protection system, but positioning systems can incorporate these body belts as an additional safety measure.
  • Anchorages used to secure personal fall protection equipment must be capable of supporting weights of 5,000 pounds or more or must be used under the supervision of a qualified person.

Maintaining absolute compliance with OSHA regulations can help your company avoid safety citations and complaints from this federal oversight agency.

Custom-Designed for Fail-safe Operation

The right design for your fall protection system can provide years of useful service and safety for your staff members in the course of performing the following maintenance activities:

  • Inspection and load testing of tiebacks
  • Lubricating and maintaining motors
  • Replacing lights
  • Checking belts for signs of wear
  • Corrosion detection and remediation
  • Painting and other cosmetic improvements or repairs

These and many other tasks may be required as part of the regular maintenance for your ride equipment and entertainment facility. Customized fall protection equipment designed with stainless steel connectors and durable lifeline materials can provide added security for your staff members in performing their duties effectively.

Increased Productivity and Employee Morale

Prioritizing employee safety and proper maintenance for your theme park or entertainment center can provide you with surprising benefits. Employees can work faster and more efficiently if they are not worried about falling or becoming injured on the job. Additionally, a custom-designed fall protection system can demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety and accident prevention, boosting your employee morale and increasing job satisfaction for most staff members. The value of proper equipment maintenance, of course, is well known in the theme park industry. Ensuring that rides are in good working order and are safe for your guests can ensure that your company’s reputation for safety and fun remains intact.

Choosing the right company to manage your fall protection equipment needs can help you enjoy a greater degree of safety and efficiency when maintaining your theme park equipment. By creating a comprehensive fall restraint and protection strategy, your company can enjoy improved safety for staff members and a higher degree of productivity in managing regular maintenance tasks.

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