A Ground-Based Safety Guardrail – Not Just for Preventing Falls

Companies using handrails as a way to prevent falls is nothing new. But did you know a railing system has a multitude of useful functions?

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Published on: December 19, 2017

When most people think about a railing system – like a hand or guardrail – they tend to think of structures that are used to prevent falls.

After all, one of the primary uses of these systems has been to prevent falls from height, particularly for preventing workplace injuries.

But guardrails aren’t just for stopping falls from height.

Modular railing systems consisting of pipe and fittings can be used for a variety of ground based applications. In fact, they’re more versatile than you might think.

7 Ways a Modular Railing System Might Prove Beneficial For Homes and Businesses

FlexGuard rails are known to prevent falls. But here are some other inventive ways that people have utilized this multipurpose product.

1. Pedestrian Guardrails

A guardrail is often used in amusement park or nightclub lines to ensure pedestrian safety, keep the lines organized, and reduce the amount of space that each line takes up.

2. Retail Display

A number of retailers have used railing systems to display everything from clothes to computers.

Some retailers even use them as the foundation to set up dressing rooms and as a place to collect shopping carts.

3. Racking and Storage

Another great use for a guardrail is to keep storage spaces – especially for business warehouses – organized. The rails can be put together vertically and items can be easily stacked on high to save space.

4. Awnings and Structures

Railing systems have also been used in home garden shops as large awnings to protect flowers, trees, and shrubs (as well as consumers) from sun and rain.

5. Disabled Access

For businesses that have ramps for disabled access, FlexGuard railings are an ideal way to barrier these areas. They also provide support for people who need to hold onto the railings to safely walk up the ramp.

6. School Playgrounds

Actually, railings can be used on any type of playground – from schools and parks to restaurants. These systems have also been used at fairs to enclose certain rides and provide some structure to the lines of people waiting to get onto those rides.

7. Bed Frames and Other Furniture

Some people have found truly unique ways to use modular railing components. Ingenious ways to use these rails in the home include:

  • Bed frames
  • Dining room tables
  • Kitchen islands
  • Workspace/desk
  • Indoor stair railing
  • Outdoor fencing.

They’ve even been used in stables and on farms. Really, the possibilities are endless! See the image gallery below from some of the surprising applications of our ground based modular railing system.

Why People Should Choose a FlexGuard Railing System for Their Guardrail Needs

Ground level guardrail systems have multiple functions that make them practical for a variety of settings.

But why should people choose a Flexible Lifeline System Ground Based FlexGuard system over any others?

One of the main reasons is because it’s so easy to create custom systems with this brand of railing.

FlexGuard is a modular fitted system, which means there’s no need for welding or any other special skills needed to install.

Add to that the fact that this system can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it’s easy to see that these hand and guardrails can be used in nearly every industry for nearly any purpose.

Do you think you might benefit from one of our FlexGuard railing systems? If so, contact us today to get more information about our products and how they can fit your needs.

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