Flexible Lifeline Systems installs FlexRail Fall Protection for Packing Service Company, Inc.

During an internal safety audit the Plant Operations Manageridentified the need to update the company’s fall protection solution

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Published on: April 1, 2014

Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc. recently installed an engineered fall protection system for consumer products provider, Packing Service Company (PSC), located in Pearland, Texas. PSC is recognized for providing diverse and high-quality product and service solutions for various industries in the United States.

During an internal safety audit, Plant Operations Manager, Michael Brantley, identified the need to update the company’s current fall protection solution that secured PSC employees while they were working on top of bulk liquid container trailers. After a thorough site inspection and workplace geography study, FLS designed and PSC approved the implementation of a FlexRail enclosed track fall arrest system that would provide durable rigid fall protection.  Upon completion of the project Mr. Brantley shared his thoughts regarding PSC’s experience working with Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc.

1. What was the fall protection need or problem that PSC had before you started using our fall arrest systems?

We needed to add protection for our employees as they accessed the top of tank trucks.

2. What about our products, service or company compelled you to move forward with Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc.?

The fact that you were local, offered competitive pricing, and have an excellent quality and service record all helped with our decision to use FLS.

3. What features of the FlexRail Fall Arrest system do you like?

The entire system… From the rail all the way down to the lanyard is built with great quality.  Precise engineering workmanship also shows in your product.

4. What would you tell someone that is considering purchasing the same product or service?

To please stop by our facility so that you may see the completed system and its functions & use.

5. What was the process like working with FLS?

Awesome… Kudos to Joe Dodds, Will Houston & the team that installed our system for us. It was a pleasure working with this team.

6. How did implementing a fall protection system from FLS bring value/success/growth to your company?

Installing fall protection gave us the ability to provide a level of safety for our employees accessing tanker trucks. It also ensures we are in compliance with OSHA regulations concerning employer’s responsibilities to provide a safe working environment for all employees. Also, this fall protection system ensures we meet the requirements mandated by (RD) Responsible Distribution for the industry of chemical distribution.

7. Would you recommend FLS?


Any other comments: Great company, great product & great service…

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