Standards & Regulations

Current List Of Laws & Proposed Standards For Fall Protection Equipment

Compliance Information

Fall protection equipment (fall arrest equipment) manufacturers are regulated by laws, regulations, standards and recommendations promulgated by various national and international bodies.

In Canada and the United States the pertinent standard and regulations are:

Present Regulations (OSHA)

General Industry
OSHA 1910 Standard Scaffold Structures
OSHA 1910.23 Floor & Wall Openings
OSHA 1910.27 (d) (5) Ladder Safety Devices
OSHA 1910.28 (j) (4) Bosun Chairs
OSHA 1910.36 Emergency Action Plan
OSHA 1910.66 Powered Platforms
OSHA 1910.146 Confined Space
OSHA 1910.268 Personal Climbing Equipment
OSHA 1910.269 Electrical Utility Workers
OSHA 1910.272 Grain Storage and Handling

OSHA 1926 Subpart (M) Fall Protection
OSHA 1926.104 Safety Belts
OSHA 1926.105 Safety Nets
OSHA 1926.107 (b) (c) Lanyards, Lifelines
OSHA 1926.450 (a) (5) Ladder Safety Lifelines
OSHA 1926.451 (l) (4) Bosun Chair
OSHA 1926.750 Steel Erection
OSHA 1926.959 Lineman’s Belts, Straps and Lanyards
CSA Z259.1-M1976 Belts, Lanyards, Fall Arrest Safety
CSA Z259.2-M1979 Fall Arrest Devices
CSA Z259.3-M1978 Lineman’s Body Belt and Safety Strap
CSA Z259.10-M90 Full Body Harness
CSA Z259.11-M92 Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Proposed Standards
OSHA 1910.270

Draft Standards And Regulations
ANSI A10.32 Construction and Demolitions
OSHA 1910.129 General Industry
OSHA 1910.131 Climbing Activities
OSHA 1910.21-32 Working Surfaces
OSHA 1920.130 General Industry
OSHA 1935.611 Test Methods
OSHA 1935.612 Test Methods

Current And Proposed Standards

Present Standards (ANSI)
ANSI A10.11 Personnel and Debris Nets
ANSI A10.14-(1991) Construction and Industrial Use
ANSI A 14.3-(1984) Fixed Ladders
ANSI A39.1-(1987) Window Cleaning
ANSI B30 Crane Code Requirements
ANSI Z117-(1997) Confined Space
ANSI Z 359.1 Fall Arrest Systems