Care & Maintenance Guide

And overview of responsible care and maintenance of your fall protection system. All equipment should be inspected and recertified at regular intervals.

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Care & Maintenance

Routine Inspections For Your Fall Protection System

Inspection should be a part of your routine prior to each use of the fall protection equipment. Visually inspect your equipment for wear and deterioration, malfunction or damage each time before you use it.

OSHA defines a competent person as one who is capable of identifying hazardous or dangerous conditions in the personal fall arrest system or any component thereof, as well as in their application and use with related equipment.

All equipment should be inspected and recertified at intervals not exceeding twelve months or as otherwise indicated on the individual component and only by persons authorized by Flexible Lifeline Systems.

Annual Recertification

Performed by FLS and this will include the following:

  • Check and reset tension on the line as per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Check all hardware components for wear (ie: shackles, eye bolts, turn buckles)
  • Check fixing elements (finger grips) for signs of wear
  • Lubricate all moving parts (ie: turnbuckles and shackles)
  • Recertify all self retracting lifelines

Engineered Lifeline Systems

Single Point Anchorages

  • Check for structural damage or modifications
  • Check for looseness to anchorages

Beam & Trolley Systems

  • Check for structural damage to the beam
  • Check all structural connections
  • Check for smooth operation of the trolley

Retractable Lifelines

  • Check for any kinks, frays, broken strands
  • Check swaged fittings for cable slippage
  • Check entire cable for any signs of rust or corrosion
  • Check for build-up of dirt or debris
  • Check for damage or looseness to the anchorage point
  • Check for evidence of a fall indicated by the fall indicator, if available on the retractable lifeline

Full Body Harnesses & Lanyards

  • Examine webbing or cable for frays, tears, kinks, frays or broken strands
  • Check shock absorber for evidence of a fall