Fall Protection For Towers

Vertical Lifelines & Fall Arrest Ladder Systems For Towers

Our safety solutions for communication towers offer outstanding fall arrest protection. The inherent flexibility of our design allows a system to be easily installed, while following the complex contours of these structures, including horizontal and inclined sections.

Fall Protection Designed Specifically For Towers

FLS offers unique cable-based fall protection systems designed specifically for the utility and telecommunications industries. These systems are suitable for installation in all environments and can be installed on all types of steel lattice structures and towers, masts, and monopoles. Operation is not affected by snow, ice, or adverse weather conditions.

FLS systems are unobtrusive, lightweight, and flexible. Our fall protection systems can be retrofitted to existing towers or installed as part of a new build program. The systems will support up to four workers on a single line and allow continuous hands free protection.

System Configuration Options

The system has three different fixing methods to enable installation on pylon legs and steel lattice structures, ladders, or monopoles:

  • Special banding straps allow the system to be installed directly onto monopole or mast type structures
  • Standard universal clamp fits all pylon leg and L-shaped latticework from 2″

worker wearing fall protection and climbing tower

  • A choice of attachment kits allows installation onto different shaped ladder rungs and ladder stringers

Unparalleled Fall Safety With TowerLatch

Our unique TowerLatch unit, with patented starwheel design, rotates freely over intermediate cable guides to enable continuous hands free protection. The TowerLatch unit can be attached or detached at any point on the cable to allow workers to pass.

Tower Fall Protection Solutions

Vertical Fall Protection

Vertical fall safety that doesn’t interfere with climbing mobility or productivity.

Custom Solutions

We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

Tower Fall Protection Photos