Modular Crossover Platforms

Roof Access Platforms & Industrial Stairs

Modular crossover platforms are essential for protecting equipment, conveyors and pipes from being damaged by foot traffic and allowing safe access to workers in high traffic areas. The ErectaStep modular crossover platform consists of only four components which bolt together along common bolt hole patterns to form nearly any structure with no welding or fabrication required.

  • Bolts together, no fabrication required
  • Manufactured with robotic technology
  • Unlimited, expandable configurations
  • Re-purpose with ease

Applications for ErectaStep modular platforms are as numerous as their potential configurations. Below are a few selected applications.

rooftop modular crossover platform

Crossover Platforms

ErectaStep quickly configures to gain safe access over pipes, dike walls or other obstructions.

ErectaStep provides up to 9′ of horizontal clearance without tower supports (three platforms) or infinite horizontal clearance with tower supports.

modular crossover platform

Stair Tower Access Platforms

This platform system allows specific access to parts such as valves or a filters which require repeated access.

stair tower access platform

erectastep modular crossover platform

ErectaStep Offers Numerous Advantages Including:

  • Completely universal — design for your custom needs
  • Allows for units to be repurposed later in different configurations
  • Pre-engineered components — you save custom engineering costs
  • Safety compliance built into the product — lowers your risk of ownership and increases safety
  • Inexpensive — costs less than custom fabrication
  • Order on demandIn stock and ready to ship!

Assembly Line Platforms

This configuration allows for travel over or around areas similar to assembly lines.

assembly line platform

Mezzanine Access Platforms

This configuration allows for travel over or around areas similar to assembly lines.

mezzanine access platform

Ships via UPS

Its so easy to assemble, all ErectaStep configurations ship broken down to it’s component parts. This saves you hundreds of dollars in freight shipping charges!

Modular Crossover Platform Photo Gallery