Portable Truck and Railcar Access Systems

FLS provides the safest solutions for mobile access to tank trucks or railcars. Our OSHA-a systems are available in lightweight aircraft aluminum or heavy duty galvanized steel. Our mobile access platforms feature a rugged basic winch and zinc-plated steel hardware for maximum corrosion resistance. It can also be customized for added stability. The system adjusts from 9 feet to 14 feet of working height and can be customized by wheel kit and other safety add-ons.

Custom Designs

Available in a range of heights and wheel styles, the system can be ordered to meet your application’s custom requirements.

Mobile Access Platform Options

Platform Assembly
Large 54-inch unit can be customized by adding a corner sleeve mount and pair of corner extension arms with adjustable screw legs for stability.

Fold up Mast
Designed for general confined space entry/retrieval applications.

Adjustable Step-up Extension
Ideal for simple inspection and minor maintenance tasks. Extends from 28 inches to 42 inches and is recommended for use with the FLS guard rail cage or tie-off post.

Side Moving Wheel Kit
Your MAP will gain mobility by adding the side moving wheel kit, complete with a pair of durable urethane wheels.

Fall Arrest Tie-off Post
An anchor point with an 1800-pound-proof load that allows you to use SRL blocks and other shock absorbers with a MAF rating of 900 pounds.

Guard Rail Cage
Five-foot cage protects your worker and comes with two outriggers equipped with non-slip rubber foot pads for extra stability.

Fall Out Bar
Designed to fill the large gaps under the guard rails. The bar is positionable and mounts quickly and easily onto the guardrail cage. Adjusts specifically to your application needs.

Trailer Hitch Attachment
Transports your unit easily.

Additional Screw Legs
Will add stability and lock the mobile access platform in place. Choose the 12-inch set for the urethane wheel kit or the 18-inch set for the pneumatic wheel kit.

Upper Platform Handrails
A final option for added safety.

mobile truck access platform

Mobile Access Platform Features

  • Designed to position workers over tank manways
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum construction
  • Rugged winch easily adjusts ladder height
  • Zinc-plated steel hardware for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Ladder adjusts with 5ft (1.5 m) of travel
  • Customizable to suit your specific application needs

OSHA Compliant Mobile Access

The mobile access platform meets the applicable requirements of the standards set out by the following:

  1. ANSI 14.3 Requirement for fixed ladders
  2. OSHA 1910.26 Portable metal ladders
  3. CSAZ11-M81 Portable ladders
  4. OSHA 1910.23 Guarding floor/wall openings & holes
  5. Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Division Fall Protection Guidelines

Why Flexible Lifeline Systems?

Maximizing the fall protection provided by the mobile access platform requires the proper harnesses, lanyards, and training. FLS is your turnkey fall protection provider.

Contact us today for more information on our portable and freestanding fall protection solutions.

Mobile Access Platform Specifications

mobile access platform specs

Mobile Access Platform Fall Protection Photo Gallery

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