Mobile Fall Protection For Railcar & Truck Loading

FLS offers a variety of different portable and freestanding fall protection solutions designed specifically for use with railcars and trucks. These mobile fall protection systems are the ideal solution for those that may only need temporary fall protection or want to be able to use their fall arrest equipment in various locations. Like our site-specific systems, the mobile and portable fall protection solutions offered by FLS are engineered for optimal safety while working at height and meet all OSHA requirements for fall safety.

Portable Fall Protection Applications

mobile access platforms

Mobile Access Platforms
Designed to provide portable access to tank trucks or railcars. FLS mobile access systems are OSHA compliant and fully customizable.

freestanding horizontal rail

Horizontal Rail

This system combines the simplicity of a horizontal rail and trolley system with a portable support structure.

mobile access stair system

Mobile Access
Stair System

Stairway access to elevated work areas ensuring sure footing while ascending to and descending from elevated surfaces.

mobile quad rail system

Mobile Quad Rail System
Place mobile overhead anchor points where you need them. The built-in horizontal rail offers full range-of-motion.

mobile a-frame system

Mobile A-Frame System
Place mobile overhead anchor points and roll over equipment being accessed to provide ground-up fall protection.

freestanding horizontal rail 2

Horizontal Rail II

Roll up to elevated work surfaces and provide mobile anchor points for fall protection along the length of an elevated area.

freestanding single anchor point

Freestanding Single
Point Anchor

Provides a portable overhead fall protection anchor point in a lightweight and easy to set up package.

freestanding deadweight anchor

Deadweight Anchor

Provides a fixed or portable overhead single or double fall protection anchor points in a lightweight package with pin-less adjustment.

Freestanding & Portable Fall Protection Photo Gallery

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