Fall Protection For Oil, Gas, & Chemical

Unparalleled Support For Safety At Height

Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) offers unparalleled support of safety at height for the oil, gas, and chemical industry. With our extensive experience in this area, FLS is your total turnkey provider and can offer productive solutions to your fall hazards.

Our experience includes custom solutions for:

  • Offshore Rigs
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Petroleum Tanks
  • Other Storage Tanks
  • Drilling Platforms
  • Other Elevated Equipment

Fall Safety For Offshore Rigs

Our personnel understands that a successful offshore system is one that your workers use with no hesitation because it keeps them safe without interference. The inherent adaptability of our designs makes them the ideal fall arrest system for offshore environments. Systems can be designed and installed to follow the complex contours of an offshore structure, including horizontal, inclined, and vertical sections for towers and ladders as needed. While offshore, our attention to quality components and their corresponding ability to withstand even the worst climatic and environmental conditions is particularly important. Our marine grade stainless steel fall arrest systems and hermetically sealed retractable lifelines are ideally suited for the harsh offshore environment. Worker safety is assured because system operations are unaffected by salt, rain, snow, ice, or adverse weather.

fall arrest lifelines on oil rigs

Confined Space In Oil & Gas Extraction

FLS has vast experience providing solutions for confined space fall hazards in the oil and gas industry including storage tanks, reserve pits, mud pits, and other excavated areas.

Fall Arrest Industry Experts

As the industry leader, FLS sets the standard for fall protection capability, quality, and efficiency. To learn more about our solutions for oil and gas, contact the systems specialist in your territory.

Fall Protection For Oil, Gas, & Chemical

Pipe Racks

Safe access for refineries in need of repair, maintenance, and pipe re-routing.


Solutions for everything from simple routine inspections to valve replacements.

Utilities & Energy

Comprehensive range of horizontal, vertical, and inclined fall protection systems.

Custom Solutions

We can develop unique site-specific fall protection solutions.

Oil, Gas, & Chemical Fall Protection Photos

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