Vacuum Anchors For Fall Protection

Portable Fall Arrest Anchor Systems For Aircrafts

These lightweight portable anchors use vacuum suction technology to attach to smooth, non-porous surfaces and provide tie-off anchor points wherever needed.

When hangar space isn’t available, an overhead cable-based system probably isn’t your fall protection solution. That’s where vacuum anchors comes in. Our vacuum anchor systems operate inside or outdoors, providing access to the entire spectrum of aircraft shapes and sizes. Your workers will be able to work with confidence and efficiency in any environment.

System Portability

Vacuum anchors provides a compact, lightweight and flexible fall protection solution that allows maintenance checks to be undertaken quickly and easily.

These portable anchors can be used anywhere an aircraft is parked, inside the hangar or out on the apron. All that is needed is a compressed air or nitrogen supply. The system is light and easy to carry making it a one-man operation.

Minimal On-Going Maintenance

Efficiency and innovation in design make maintaining our vacuum anchors a simple procedure. Calibration may be conducted on site with no specialized tools or equipment. Operating cost is also very low, without the need for stocking backup components, allowing users to work with confidence and efficiency in any environment.

Additionally, our vacuum anchors provide a system that meet all regulatory requirements and comes with built-in safety features to provide continuous fall protection, even in the event of accidental air loss.

fall protection vacuum anchor

Vacuum Anchor Features

  • Vacuum technology attaches to smooth, non-porous surfaces to provide tie-off points where needed
  • Exceeds OSHA standards for safety
  • Minimal setup time required and easy to use
  • Lightweight design making system setup and use a one-man operation
  • Has on-board attachment for air bottle or can be used with external air power sources
  • Backup safety features provide additional fall arrest protection in the event of accidental air loss
  • Special designed rubber seals to prevent damage to aircraft or surface of application
  • Can be used as a horizontal lifeline

Vacuum Anchor Fall Protection Photos

There are a lot of different solutions. How do I know which one I need?

This requires a careful evaluation of the job task, space constraints, and many other criteria. Our fall safety experts are here to help you in determining which solution can best meet your needs. Contact the systems specialist in your designated territory to get started.

How much does each vacuum anchor weigh?

The entire vacuum anchor system weighs less than 20 lbs.

What type of backup fall protection is built-in to each anchor?

There are built-in safety alarms that notify the system user in the event of loss of air supply. Additionally, check valves provide continued fall protection during periods of accidental loss of air or power supply, allowing the user to remedy the situation.

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