Horizontal lifeline systems

Energy absorbing lifeline system suitable for use on roofs, ceilings and other structures.

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The Engineered Lifeline Solution

Freedom to Work. Securely Attached. The Kee Line horizontal lifeline system is designed to provide workers with freedom of movement on the rooftop while securely attached to the lifeline at all times.

Reliable Performance

Tested and trusted. KeeLine has been rigorously tested on built roofs and endorse by 3rd-party safety validation.

Easy Integration

Configured to Fit. Kee Line uses has been engineered for multiple roof types and can be designed to accommodate varying building shapes.

Cost Effective

Smart Personal Fall Protection. The Kee Line horizontal life line system is a flexible, cost effective option for working at height.

Membrane Roofs

Kee Line provides one of the only upright posts that can be weathered with a standard pipe detail.

Metal Sheet Roofs

Utilizing the same range of brackets as standard roof systems, Kee Line can be installed quickly and easily on standing seam roofs.

Structrual Roofs

Kee Line structural posts can be used to tie back directly to the frame of the building. These well-built, heavy-duty anchors can be welded to,, wrapped around, or clamped onto underlying beam structures. They can also be mounted directly to concrete.


Provides personal protection for up to two users. Lifeline system is mounted directly above the user for tasks including overhead crane access, vehicle loading, machine & building maintenance, cleaning and access.


Kee Line for structures provides the horizontal lifeline components to allow mounting directly to concrete, steel, brick or stonework either in the horizontal or overhead application.


Kee Post can create a permanent lifeline on a rooftop without the need to penetrate the roof structure. Each of the wire posts is connected to a weighted structure that keeps the user secure in the event of a fall.

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    Horizontal Lifeline Features & Benefits

    Long Lasting

    Long Lasting

    Horizontal safety lines are designed with industry-leading components allowing them to stand the test of time thanks to their weather-resistant construction.

    Multiple Mounting Options

    Multiple Mounting Options

    Whether your facility requires rooftop, sidewall, or overhead-mounted lifelines, our systems can be installed in a variety of methods making them one of the most versatile safety options available.

    Standards Compliant

    Standards Compliant

    FLS Horizontal Lifelines has been third-party tested. They meet both OSHA and ANSI requirements as well as standards set by CSA 13-04 & 16-04.

    Proprietary Configurator Tool

    Proprietary Configurator Tool

    Our configurator quickly specs out your entire proposed system providing you a quick and accurate solution after a simple site survey to confirm your safety needs.

    Is a Horizontal Lifeline or a Rigid Rail system better?

    Depends on the application, task, clearance, and feasibility of installation. Rigid Rail offers superior fall distances while Horizontal Lifelines can be installed places Rigid Rail may not be feasible.

    What are OSHA regulations for lifelines?

    For General Industry (1910), for Construction (1926). Recommend using ANSI Z359.6 for further guidance on any design of lifeline systems.

    What is a horizontal lifeline?

    A component of a fall protection system consisting of a line for connection to anchorages at both ends as a means for connecting other components of the system to the anchorage. Also known as HLL, Horizontal Lifeline Systems provide increased safety, mobility, and reliability during the job. HLL Systems can be designed to provide either fall restraint or fall arrest protection and are used in various applications, such as loading docks and bays, rail runways, rooftops, bridges, etc.

    Rooftop Horizontal Lifelines Video

    Test landing Page Projects

    Lubrizol Horizontal Lifeline Project

    FLS Fall Protection for Energy Lubrizol is a large refiner and blender of Petroleum additives. Their building was receiving a new roof, and they needed a fall safety solution to go along with it. This project was undertaken specifically for re-roofing in 2018, then quarterly roof inspection and maintenance. Project Details...Read More