OSHA-Compliant, Non-penetrating Skylight and Hatch Solutions

Unprotected skylights and roof hatches pose a significant fall risk and are one of the most common cause of falling accident from roofs in general industry. In fact, even when they are closed, skylights and roof hatches are so dangerous, that OSHA considers them “holes”.

Our skylight fall protection systems, hatch kits and skylight railing solutions provide compliant protection to keep roof workers safe and help avoid accidental falls. They are offered in galvanized and stainless steel versions and are designed to last the lifespan of your skylight.

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What makes our skylight and hatch offering different?

Hazard Assessment

Maximizing the fall safety provided by FLS skylight screen and hatch kit solutions requires proper installation and the understanding of associated fall hazards. As your turnkey fall protection provider, FLS evaluates your rooftop to ensure a complete fall protection solution is provided.


FLS Skylight Screens are offered in galvanized or stainless steel versions, designed to last the lifespan of your skylight. Skylight Guardrail Systems components and fittings are coated providing dependable, weather and time-resistant protection against corrosion.


The FLS skylight fall protection systems are designed to provide flexibility to adapt to unique skylight shapes, roof openings, ladderways and doorways. With multiple variations available to satisfy many possible configurations.

Easy Installation

Each skylight solution is personally designed to fit your dimensions, making installation simple for you, or if needed, one of our FLS team installers.

Osha Compliant

All FLS Skylight Screen and Rooftop Hatch Solutions are designed and tested to exceed industry standards. They can be implemented in all 50 states and Canada.

Skylight & Hatch Projects

Karbach Brewery Case Study

FLS installed approximately 900 total feet of FlexGuard Permanent Guardrail on various areas of the main building roof. The area around the rooftop access hatch was able to be protected by FlexGuard Permanent, due to the versatility and adjustability of the product.

Skylight Guardrail Video

How can we help?

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