Skylight Screen and Rooftop Access Hatch Solutions

Unprotected skylights and roof hatches pose a significant fall risk and is one of the most common cause of falling accident from roofs in general industry. Our skylight screens, hatch kits and railing solutions provide compliant protection to eliminate these fall hazards found on almost every roof.

Rooftop Skylight Screens

FLS skylight screens are available for virtually any style of skylight including domed, trapezoidal and flat panel skylights. Most of our screens clamp on and do not penetrate the skylight, eliminating any potential damage to the skylight.

Hatch Kits

When roof hatches are left open they pose a risk to those on the roof. FLS hatch kits are a simple yet effective solution that not only protect the hatch opening, but also provide a hand hold while climbing out of the hatch.

Rooftop Skylight Guardrails

Large skylights or owners who don’t want to see a screen over their skylight, protect their skylights with FLS’ Skylight Guardrail. This freestanding railing system provides OSHA compliant protection to eliminate the possibility of falling through the skylight.

For more information on our engineered fall protection solutions for aircraft hangars and aircraft maintenance, contact our fall safety specialists.

Screen Case Studies

Karbach Brewery Case Study

FLS installed approximately 900 total feet of FlexGuard Permanent Guardrail on various areas of the main building roof. The area around the rooftop access hatch was able to be protected by FlexGuard Permanent, due to the versatility and adjustability of the product.

FLS Screen Fall Safety Solutions

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Skylight Guardrails

The FLS Skylight Guardrail is a freestanding fall-protection solution for use around skylights, roof lights, and dome lights.

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Custom Fall Protection Solutions

We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

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