Rigid Rail In Bridge Format For Industrial Applications

The FLS FlexBridge provides the functionality of our FlexRail rigid rail enclosed track in a bridge format. Much like an overhead crane, the FlexBridge can be positioned anywhere along the runway and provide large areas of fall protection coverage. The FlexBridge is an ideal solution in industrial applications with existing overhead cranes or varying areas where fall protection is needed.

FlexBridge Design

FlexBridge spans from 10′-50′ are available and can be installed on new runways or retrofitted to existing overhead crane runways. FlexBridge rigid rail systems are available in steel and aluminum. All FlexBridges can be manually positioned without motors. Short span bridges follow the user in all directions while long span bridges (20′-50′) are provided with pull ropes for positioning. For added flexibility, parallel FlexRail tracks can be provided for bypass capability.

Typical General Industry Uses

  • Sea container repair and maintenance bays
  • Truck and trailer manufacturing bays
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing

Quality Fall Protection Systems

Only the highest quality material is used in the manufacture and installation of each fall arrest system.

  • Manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 facility
  • Each system is engineered to the most stringent engineering standards
  • All fabrication welds are subject to inspection and dye penetrant or magnetic particle testing
  • Each system is load tested as part of certification for use
Industiral FlexBridge Fall Arrest System


Complies with US OSHA 1910, ANSI Z359.6 and Canadian CSA Z259.2 standards for Engineered Fall Protection.

FlexBridge Features

  • Mobile overhead fall protection
  • Bridge can be stored out of the way when not in use
  • Rigid rail design reduces fall distances
  • Can be retrofitted to existing overhead structures or cranes
  • Multiple bridges can be utilized on a set of runway tracks
  • Multiple users on single or multiple rails


FlexBridge systems and structural connecting components are available hot-dip galvanized or painted for added durability and corrosion control.

Flexbridge Industrial Fall Protection Case Study

Merfish Pipe And Supply Case Study

Merfish came as a new customer for Flexible Lifeline Systems, seeking out a fall protection solution for its employees climbing stacks of pipe in order to attach rigging hardware for lifting with overhead cranes.

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Industrial Fall Safety Solutions

Select below for more information about specific industrial safety solutions.

Vertical Lifelines & Ladder Davits

The two most common solutions for ladder fall arrest systems are cable based vertical lifelines and ladder davits with self-retracting lifelines.

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Flexible Horizontal Lifeline overhead cable based fall protection solutions provide a versatile yet economical solution to the most challenging fall hazards.

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Work Platforms

In order to prevent falls, FLS Work platforms are designed to provide employees with access to a work deck with railing.

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FlexRail – Industrial

FlexRail enclosed rigid rail track provides excellent linear fall arrest capability with minimal fall distances.

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FlexBridge - Industrial

A rigid rail enclosed track fall protection system in a bridge format.

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Overhead Horizontal Lifelines

FLS cable based flexible horizontal lifeline fall arrest systems engineered to minimize fall distance and provide pass thru capability with longer spans and uninterrupted lengths.

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Multi Span Lifelines

Flexible Lifeline Systems has designed Multi Span Lifelines to provide safe and effective fall protection in a variety of applications for over 20 years.

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A ready-to-ship railing system that arrives with pre-assembled components making for a quick and easy installation.

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FlexGuard Ground Based

Our ground based FlexGuard railing solution has unmatched versatility and is suited to a variety of environments.

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Self Closing Gates

Flexible Lifeline Systems has a complete line of self closing safety gates engineered to allow traffic flow while providing hazard protection.

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Custom Fall Protection Solutions

We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

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