Rigid Rail Enclosed Track in a Bridge Format

The FLS FlexBridge provides the functionality of our FlexRail rigid rail enclosed track in a bridge format. Much like an overhead crane, the FlexBridge can be positioned anywhere along the runway and provide large areas of fall protection coverage. The FlexBridge is an ideal solution in industrial applications with existing overhead cranes or varying areas where fall protection is needed.

Maximum Flexibility and Coverage

Flexible Lifeline System’s FlexBridge is a cartesian bridge fall protection solution that provides maximum flexibility and coverage for users. A typical FlexBridge system consists of parallel runways that support a FlexRail bridge. Users manually move the FlexBridge in to the work position. This provides fall protection coverage over a wide area.

The FlexBridge system can also be retrofitted to existing overhead crane runways, providing a viable option for overhead fall protection in areas with cranes. The FlexBridge can be designed for spans from 6’ to 60’. Shorter bridge spans will automatically follow the user’s movement, while longer spans require manual positioning.


Adaptable Application

The FlexBridge system has gained popularity because it gives the owner the flexibility of changing the layout of their operations without having to reconfigure their fall protection sytems. In hangars and facilities where change is the norm, the FlexBridge rigid rail fall protection system is a preferred solution.

FlexBridge is commonly used in applications such as fixed wing and rotary aircraft hangars and industrial and manufacturing facilities with overhead cranes.

FlexBridge Fall Protection Case Study

Merfish Pipe And Supply Case Study

Merfish came as a new customer for Flexible Lifeline Systems, seeking out a fall protection solution for its employees climbing stacks of pipe in order to attach rigging hardware for lifting with overhead cranes.

Greif Cedar Case Study

Overhead fall protection was needed to safely access the tanker trucks and ISOTainertrailers in the truck bay. A FlexBridge was designed by FLS engineers to safely access both lanes in the truck bay regardless of the configuration of the trucks/trailers below.

Aircraft Rigid Rail Bridge Overhead Lifeline Flexbridge Animation

FlexRail Demonstration Video

Click the video above to view a demonstration of FlexRail’s ease-of-use.

FlexBridge Fall Protection Solutions