Rigid Rail Fall Protection Solutions

The FLS Rail family of rigid rail fall protection solutions includes our FlexRail, FlexBridge, FlexTraxx and Twin FlexRail solutions. FLS Rail solutions have gained popularity in recent years due to their ability to arrest falls in very short distances and wide variety of configurations available.


Our enclosed track rigid rail system used in overhead applications with limited fall distances. The FlexRail system is cable of curves and intersections allowing for increased user functionality.


A variant of a FlexRail system used in a Cartesian bridge format. The FlexBridge system provides large areas of fall protection coverage. This is a favored solution in applications where the required location of the fall protection can change often.


An extruded aluminum rigid rail system used commonly for fall protection on metal roofs. Its’ low profile and ability to be color matched to the roof make it virtually invisible from the ground.

Twin FlexRail

By combining to parallel FlexRail tracks, the Twin FlexRail allows user to by-pass each other. This feature frees users up to work without worrying about getting tangled up with each other.

All steel based FLS Rail solutions are available in painted or galvanized finishes. The FlexRail trolley has a 100:1 weight to movement ratio, ensuring the trolley always stays overhead even with retractable lifelines exceeding 85’ in length.

Flexrail Fall Protection Case Studies

Aircraft Fall Protection for U.S. Military

FLS engineered, fabricated and installed a total of twelve enclosed track and trolley systems capable of supporting three users each. FLS designed the safety systems at elevations below HVAC and fire protection equipment to prevent interference with other hangar systems.

Greif St. Gabriel Case Study

Overhead fall protection was needed to safely access the tanker trucks in the inside truck bays as well as the railcars along a 300’ section of track.

Tri-point Case Study

FLS engineered a solution to accommodated the facility’s overhead gantry cranes so they could travel unimpeded by the overhead self-retracting safety lanyards.

Greif-Delta Case Study

FLS designed and installed three FlexRail Fall Protection Systems, one approximately 350 feet in total length over the rail line and two FlexRail approximately 292 feet in total length over the loading area and rail line.

Teknor Apex Case Study

Overhead fall protection was needed on the old and new plastics silos for workers to connect the feeder tubes to tanker trucks while on top of the trucks. FLS designed, fabricated and installed 8 FlexRail Systems.

Latham Pools Case Study

Due to new operational needs, the client needed to extend the existing systems in one bay to offer further fall protection coverage for their workers. The total addition was of 250ft of Twin FlexRail.

CRRC Chicago Enterprise Center Case Study

As part of the new development, FCL Builders contracted Flexible Lifeline Systems for the design, fabrication, supply, inspection, load testing and certification of the FLS’ rigid rail fall arrest solution, FlexRail.

Wood-frame Aircraft Hangar Flexrail Retrofit

The FLS team devised a hybrid system, in which a very light-weight tube would be installed the full length of the cable system run. This tube acts as a compression strut along the entire length of the cable, and will distribute any fall arrest loads, both horizontal and vertical, without structural damage to the wood trusses.

Protecting Alaska Airlines MRO Staff

For this project, Flexible Lifeline Systems designed, engineered, and installed a total of six (6) Type 1 FlexRail systems. Each system was designed and engineered for a two (2) user fall arrest.

American Airlines Case Study

FLS designed compliant and user-friendly fall protection for an American Airlines maintenance hanger while specific clearance requirements.

Nelson Brothers Case Study

FLS provided foundation design and anchor bolts for gallow mounting, as well as all fabricated parts, hardware, and system components.

Flexbridge Fall Protection Case Studies

Merfish Pipe And Supply Case Study

Merfish came as a new customer for Flexible Lifeline Systems, seeking out a fall protection solution for its employees climbing stacks of pipe in order to attach rigging hardware for lifting with overhead cranes.

Greif Cedar Case Study

Overhead fall protection was needed to safely access the tanker trucks and ISOTainertrailers in the truck bay. A FlexBridge was designed by FLS engineers to safely access both lanes in the truck bay regardless of the configuration of the trucks/trailers below.

FLS Rail Fall Safety Solutions