Portable Freestanding Stairway Fall Protection Systems

The Freestanding Mobile Access Stair System (FSMASS) from Flexible Lifeline Systems® provides safe access for working surfaces up to 18’-3”. The stair-step design provides safe access to and from work areas while carrying tools and each unit has two davit anchor points providing fall protection for two (2) users. Adjustable outriggers enlarge the base foot print to stabilize and level the system when in use and collapse into the base to create a small and mobile package for transportation.

Custom Designs

Available in a range of heights and wheel styles, the system can be ordered to meet your applications’ custom requirements. An FLS engineer will work with you to ensure your Freestanding Mobile Access Stair System is optimal for your work environment. Additionally, Flexible Lifeline Systems’ in-house fabrication facilities ensure FAST production and delivery of custom products.


OSHA Compliant

Flexible Lifeline Systems’ Freestanding Mobile Access Stair System meets the applicable requirements of the standards set out by the following:

1) ANSI 14.3 Requirement for fixed ladders

2) OSHA 1910.26 Portable metal ladders

3) CSAZ11-M81 Portable ladders

4) OSHA 1910.23 Guarding floor/wall
openings & holes

5) Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Division Fall Protection Guidelines

Why Flexible Lifeline Systems?

Maximizing the fall protection provided by the Freestanding Mobile Access Stair System requires the proper harnesses, lanyards, and training. FLS is your turnkey fall protection provider. One manager with total accountability guides your project every step of the way. Piecemeal competitors can’t compare with FLS’ turnkey costs and services.

Freestanding Mobile Access Stair System (FSMASS) Features

  • Rugged Frame
    Constructed from powder coated aluminum and zinc-plated steel for corrosion resistance and maximum durability
  • Full Stairs
    Safe access while carrying tools
  • Lightweight
    Easily moved by hand
  • Adjustable Height
    Optimizes utility