Portable Freestanding Stairway and Ladder Fall Protection Systems

Our mobile stair and ladder systems provide a portable means of accessing elevated work areas with a fully functional stairway or with a conventional ladder system. FLS stair and ladder systems include a wide variety of optional railing, cages, and anchor structures to provide ground-up fall protection for workers at height.


FLS Ladder and Stair Systems are designed to be moved manually or with the use of a tow bar and service vehicle. The system can be easily transported to locations where fall protection is needed to access work areas at height.


FLS Ladder and Stair systems be utilized over a variety of equipment, vehicles and structures. The systems are designed for indoor and outdoor use and feature heavy-duty stabilization for use on uneven ground.


Lightweight construction make FLS Ladder & Stair systems easy to move into position by hand, forklift or other service vehicle.


System provides easy access and 100% fall protection from the ground up for up to two users for the duration of the work.

Custom Designs

Available in a wide variety of pre-engineered heights and wheel styles to meet any application requirement. If additional customization is needed, An FLS engineer will work with you to ensure your System is optimal for your work environment.


Systems are constructed from powder-coated, anodized high strength alloy specifically engineered for extra tall and wide applications. The enclosed rail keeps debris from weather elements out. All FLS systems are extremely durable and built to last with world class quality, materials and workmanship.

OSHA Regulations For Aircraft Fall Protection

Flexible Lifeline Systems portable ladder and stair systems meet the applicable standards of ANSI 14.3 Requirement for Fixed Ladders, OSHA 1910.26 Portable Metal Ladders, CSAZ11-M81 Portable Ladders, OSHA 1910.23 Guarding floor/wall Openings & Holes, and the Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Division Fall Protection Guidelines.

These systems also comply with the latest OSHA/ANSI standards and regulations including OSHA 29 CFR Walking-Working Surfaces Rule and ANSI Z359.16 Product Performance Standard – Safety Requirements for Climbing Ladder Arrest Systems.

On November 17, 2016, OSHA published its final rule on Walking and Working Surfaces. The final rule covers a wide variety of general industry entities, including building management services, utilities, warehousing, retail, window cleaning, chimney sweeping and outdoor advertising. It does not change construction or agricultural regulations.

ANSI Z359.16 – This new standard received approval by the ASSE Board of Standards Review on November 2, 2016. It establishes requirements for the performance, design, marking, qualification testing, instructions for use, inspection, maintenance and storage, and removal from service of vertically oriented climbing ladder fall arrest systems consisting of flexible and rigid carriers with multiple attachment points and associated carrier sleeves for users within the capacity range of 130 to 310 pounds (59 to 141kg).

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