Freestanding & Portable Fall Protection

Mobility Without Compromising Safety

Benefits of Portable Fall Protection Systems

Portable fall protection is an ideal solution for those who may only need temporary fall protection or want the flexibility of using their fall arrest equipment on more than one job site. Like our site-specific solutions, portable fall protection can provide optimal safety while working at height and meets all OSHA regulatory requirements.

Additionally, portable solutions are often inexpensive and require minimal setup time. With advancements in technology, the portable fall protection systems of today have far more capability than ever before. While individual features will vary with each solution, many of our portable systems can offer longer operational spans, reduced clearances, support multiple users, and be adjusted to different heights.

While portable solutions do come with limitations, they can be a great option for job sites that don’t have complex structures or other unique specifications that require a custom solution. For help determining which solution is best suited for your job site, contact one of our fall safety experts.