Guardrail Systems

Safety Railing Systems That Exceed OSHA Standards

FlexGuard is a freestanding guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. It’s modular design takes the complexity and high cost out of roof edge protection. FlexGuard can also be used for walkways, stairwells and open shaft fall protection.

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  • FlexGuard exceeds OSHA safety requirements
  • FlexGuard assemblies use fittings that are TUV tested and approved
    Integral toe board fixing holes to allow full compliance with OSHA
    Assemblies that come in contact with the roof membrane are fitted with an anti-slip rubber pad
    Works on the well-proven counterweight principle



  • The FlexGuard pre-fabricated design, utilizing the lightweight modular counterweights, allows maximum versatility on site
    Sections can be taken down, added to and re-erected on site
    Can be used for walkway demarcation, open shaft and stairwells, fall protection around roof top equipment and other safety applications
    Adaptable to almost all variations of flat roofs, whether they are circular, square, rectangular or multilevel

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Common Uses For Safety Railing

roof access

Rooftops / Roof Access

FlexGuard is corrosion resistant and can be adapted to almost all flat roof types.


Manufacturing Plants

Modular design and adjustability make FlexGuard ideal for factories.

storage tanks


Railings provide ideal fall protection for tanks, where there are few or no structural elements overhead.


Shopping Centers & Retail

From routine inspections to maintenance, FlexGuard exceeds OSHA standards for shopping center roofs.

Guardrail Fall Protection Photos

There are a lot of different solutions. How do I know which one I need?

This requires a careful evaluation of the job task, space constraints, and many other criteria. Our fall safety experts are here to help you in determining which solution can best meet your needs. Contact the systems specialist in your designated territory to get started.

Who is certified to design and install a FlexGuard guardrail system?

Guardrail systems should be designed and installed under the supervision of a qualified person. A qualified person is typically a degreed structural engineer with experience in fall arrest systems. For your convenience, we offer on site installation services on all of our systems.

How long does it take to complete an engineered fall protection system?

On average, it takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to complete most projects. This includes 1-2 weeks to perform a site visit and another 3-4 weeks to complete the engineering and design phase. Once the system has been designed, fabrication and installation take approximately 4-6 weeks.

How do I get someone to come out and look at my facility?

To discuss your options and request a site visit, contact the systems specialist in your designated territory.

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