Engineered Fall Protection Systems For Working At Height

Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Our permanent fall protection solutions are designed to be non-obtrusive while keeping workers safe from fall hazards and meeting all OSHA requirements. The engineers at FLS work directly with customers to design customized systems that meet site-specific needs and ensure reliable fall safety. With more than 3,000 turnkey engineered system projects under our belt, our team is comprised of industry experts who have seen it all. FLS has engineered and installed fall protection systems for every situation imaginable. From working around complex structures to dealing with extreme weather conditions, our engineers can conquer any job site challenge.

As a turnkey provider, we have an in-house manufacturing facility where our specialized knowledge in fall protection and full material traceability benefit the finished product. We offer installation services and training to your employees who will be using the system, as well as risk assessments to identity unknown fall hazards at your facility. Engineered systems can be designed for new facilities or retrofitted to the existing structures of your job site. To learn more about our custom solutions or request a site visit, contact one of our fall safety experts today.