Custom Fall Protection Solutions

Custom Systems To Address The Most Challenging & Unique Fall Hazards

custom fall protection systems

Not every problem can be solved with parts from a catalog. The team of fall safety experts at Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) have over 20 years of experience providing unique and custom and site-specific solutions to address the most challenging fall protection projects. Developing custom fall protection solutions involves a high level of ingenuity supported by talented engineers, designers, fabricators, and installation technicians.

Our Custom Solution Services Include:

  • Site survey and consultation
  • Design and engineering by licensed and qualified structural and mechanical engineers
  • Certified ISO 9001:2008 fall protection fabrication
  • Installation, testing, certification and training

If you have an idea for a unique or custom fall protection solution, contact the systems specialist in your territory. Our turnkey capabilities and willingness to innovate and create new solutions is what sets us apart.

Custom Work Experience

Here is just a small sample of the more unique active and passive custom fall protection solutions we’ve worked on:

horizontal and vertical lifeline systems for billboard structures

rigid rail trolley system integrated with an overhead crane

custom tank anchors for accessing the top of storage tanks

Additional custom work includes:

custom railings retrofitted for servicing the tops of large factory ovens

fall protection anchors for pallet racks

overhead fall protection mounted inside of caves for servicing transformers in a hydroelectric dam

track mounted cart with fall arrest davits for working on a dam

enclosed track rigid rail in angled bridge format for multiple aircraft hangars

small foot print portable fall protection for manufacturing facilities

horizontal lifelines on cruise ships

overhead enclosed track rigid rail with mechanical turntable intersection for aircraft maintenance

custom hinged platforms in a robotic distribution center

retractable ladders and rotating anchor points for injection molding machines

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