Cable-Based Overhead Fall Protection For Aircraft Hangars

Overhead horizontal lifelines provide the most customizable pass-through fall protection in the world. This flexibility is particularly important for our aviation clients who service dramatically different types and sizes of aircrafts in a vast variety of structures.

Single Span Lifelines

Single span systems are economical, cable-based, stainless steel fall arrest systems that provide fall protection for up to three users and a span of 200 feet.

Multi-Span Lifelines

Our multi-span systems accommodates horizontal, inclined, curved and vertical requirements, allowing a user to travel unlimited lengths without having to disconnect and re-connect to the system.

The systems we design offer unparalleled flexibility. Our engineers are able to develop and install both single and multi-span overhead horizontal lifelines that accommodate all your protocols. With these systems, multiple workers have comfortable and safe access to working areas to service the fuselage, wing, tail, or engine on aircrafts ranging in size from 777s and C-130s, to Cessna and Challenger aircrafts.

Overhead Cable System Features

  • Unique and patented overhead shuttle unit
  • Shuttle unit glides freely over stainless steel cables
  • Continuous protection over entire length of system
  • Built-in user-friendly tension indicator
  • Simple and economical installation
  • Serial numbering of all components
  • Single span lengths of up to 200 feet
  • Unlimited length multi-span systems
  • In-line energy absorber to reduce end loads
  • All-weather use for optimum productivity

Fall Protection Expertise

As the industry leader, Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) is acknowledged as the only true turnkey provider of innovative fall arrest solutions. We set the standard for fall arrest capability, quality, and efficiency when it comes to fall safety for aircraft maintenance.

Contact our fall protection experts to learn more about our safety solutions for working at height on aircrafts and inside hangars.

Overhead Cable Horizontal Lifeline Case Study

Southwest Airlines – Maintenance Hangar Lifelines

The Southwest Airlines maintenance team required the capability to add two 737-900 aircraft near the front of one of their hangars requiring the engineering of atypical support connections for the system anchor points.

Aircraft Fall Safety Solutions