Rooftop Horizontal Lifeline Systems For Fall Arrest

FLS Multi Span Lifeline Systems are versatile, economical solutions that equip rooftop workers with continuous, active fall protection. A single horizontal lifeline allows up to three workers to perform their tasks with complete fall protection. Because workers are continually attached to the safety line, Multi Span Lifelines make it possible for workers to safely access all areas of a rooftop.

The FLS Flexible Horizontal Lifeline has created a revolution in fall arrest system design through the use of energy absorbing anchorage posts. Multi Span Lifelines can extend up to 50 feet between posts. The system is modular and utilizes a post and base plate allowing for easy configuration and streamlined efficient installation.


Compatible With All Major Roof Types

In the event of a fall, energy absorbing anchorage posts disperse and minimize loads applied to the rooftop. The system has been designed for application across virtually all major roof types including relatively delicate roof structures without costly penetrations and closures. The system can also be applied to standing seam, membrane or metal profile rooftops.

Standards Compliant

FLS Multi Span Lifelines has been third-party tested. They meet both OSHA and ANSI requirements as well as standards set by CSA 13-04 & 16-04.

Experts In Roof Fall Protection

We are acknowledged as the only true turnkey provider of innovative fall arrest solutions. As the industry leader, FLS sets the standards for fall arrest capability, quality and efficiency.


Flexible Multi Span Lifeline Features

FLS horizontal lifelines are engineered to meet your requirements, but here are a few features you can expect from any FLS Rooftop Multi Span system:

  • Engineered to protect the number of users you require (usually three)
  • Extends fall safety continuously to all areas of the rooftop
  • Engineered to distribute the load on the roof in the event of a fall
  • Systems are tough and long lasting
  • Systems are easy to design and install
  • Design works with a variety of roof profiles and around obstacles
  • Compatible with all major roofing systems
  • Can be utilized on virtually all roof types
  • Grade 316 stainless steel 5/16″ (8mm) diameter wire and brackets


Takata Case Study

FLS installed approximately 900 total feet of FlexGuard Permanent Guardrail on various areas of the main building roof. Most notably, the area around the rooftop access hatch was able to be protected by FlexGuard Permanent, due to the versatility and adjustability of the product.

Lubrizol Case Study

Flexible Lifeline Systems designed, installed, and engineered an 85 feet long Multi Span Lifeline System with eight redirect anchors.

Texas State University Case Study

Flexible Lifeline Systems’ scope of work included the design, supply, and installation of four Horizontal Lifeline systems. Two systems were positioned on Roof A and two systems on Roof B starting from the hatch and running the parameter of the rooftoop.

UTSA Case Study

The FLS design included a structural analysis of the new building and a rigorous approval process to prove that the FLS system was a substantial improvement over the system originally specified for rooftop fall safety.

Altech Case Study

Horizontal Lifelines and single point anchors were needed on multiple rooftops to allow safe access to the roof for maintenance.

Olam Edible Nuts Case Study

FLS designed three Multi-Span Lifeline Systems (33’, 113’ and 210’) to access the roof on 2 buildings at the Brooks Peanut Co. shelling factory (a subsidiary of Olam Edible Nuts).

Chait & Company Case Study

FLS designed, supplied, and installed thirty-four (34) membrane posts (PN LAKL2POST) to the roof deck using toggle bolts (PN LAKL2TOGA) to make a single 1250 ft. Multi-Span Lifeline System.

Orion Construction/Juneau Federal Building Case Study

The General Services Administration requested the installation of a new fall protection system that replaced the existing non-engineered system located on the main roof level and to add a new system on the upper roof level.

Horizon Group/Houston Community College Case Study

Flexible Lifeline engineers reviewed construction plans and assessed potential hazards. FLS designed, supplied, and installed a Multi-Span Lifeline System totaling about 480ft, located approximately 10ft along the rooftop’s leading edge.

George Steel/Caresource Office Building Case Study

FLS Engineers provided an OSHA compliant system that includes horizontal lifeline systems along with strategically placed tieback anchors to accommodate window washing personnel.

Rooftop Lifeline Horizontal for Standing Seam Roofs Animation

Rooftop Lifeline Horizontal for Membrane Roofs Animation


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