Cable Lifelines & Fall Arrest Rail Systems For Cranes

Maintaining overhead cranes or emergency repairs when cranes break down often expose workers to falls while performing their work. For example, when a crane breaks down in the middle of a pipe mill, workers must walk the crane rails to the bridge. Once on the bridge, they must often access the trolley. All of these areas are potential exposures to falls. Multi Span Flexible Horizontal lifelines are a common solution for workers in these scenarios.

The Right Fall Safety Solution for Cranes

A horizontal lifeline installed at head or shoulder height to the building columns along the crane runways can provide the needed protection for inspection and access. Additional lifelines can be designed to attach the crane bridge to protect workers while accessing the bridge for maintenance or repairs. Multi span lifelines with pass thru capability ensure workers remain tied off at all times.

Multi Span Lifeline For Cranes

Industrial Fall Safety Solutions

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