FLS Fall Protection for Energy

Lubrizol is a large refiner and blender of Petroleum additives. Their building was receiving a new roof, and they needed a fall safety solution to go along with it. This project was undertaken specifically for re-roofing in 2018, then quarterly roof inspection and maintenance.

Project Details

Flexible Lifeline Systems designed, installed, and engineered an 85 feet long Multi Span Lifeline System with eight redirect anchors. The system was designed to support up to three users. The Multi Span Lifeline System was designed with rigid posts attached to the building structure below the existing roof deck.

Multi Span Lifelines Fall Safety Solutions

Rooftop Multi Span Lifelines

FLS Multispan Lifeline Systems are versatile, economical solutions that equip rooftop workers with continuous, active fall protection.

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Multi Span Lifelines for Overhead Cranes

Maintaining overhead cranes or emergency repairs when cranes break down often expose workers to falls while performing their work.

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Custom Fall Protection Solutions

We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

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