Fall Arrest Anchors For Tanks

Accessing above ground storage tanks for maintenance, inspection or monitoring can often put employees at risk for falls. Flexible Lifeline Systems has developed a comprehensive range of tank anchor solutions to fit this need. Our tank anchors are designed to clamp to the center flange of most tanks, allowing for quick installation and eliminating the need for drilling or welding to the tank.

Tank anchors are available for tank flanges as small as 6” up to 4’ in diameter. For Large diameter tank flanges we offer a rail and trolley style anchor system. This increases the safety of the user as the trolley follows the rail around the flange, ensuring the user maintains fall restraint with his positioning rope lanyard.

The Tank Anchor Fall Safety Experts

FLS engineers can structurally analyze a tank anchor application to ensure the tank is capable of supporting the necessary loads.

Contact your FLS system specialist for more information or to schedule a site evaluation.

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