Anchor Point Fall Protection Systems

The FLS range of tie off anchors provide a cost effective solution to fall hazards both in general industry and building maintenance applications. All FLS anchors meet or exceed the industry standard requirements of OSHA and ANSI. As with all tie-off systems a qualified engineers must evaluate the structure to which the anchors attach. FLS’ engineers can provide a detailed design and analysis to ensure the proper use and installation of all FLS anchor products.

Single Point Anchors

FLS single point anchors typically consist of a permanent d-ring attached to nearby structure. In fall arrest applications the anchors are typically positioned overhead. In fall restraint they can be located at any level as long as the user cannot reach the fall hazard area.

Sockets and Davit Arms

FLS offers a full line of building maintenance and façade access solutions to protect workers on swing stages and bosun chairs.

Tieback Anchors

FLS Tieback Anchors are available in standard and custom configuration to work on virtually any roof structure. Our design department can assist you with a layout and configuration to ensure a compliant anchorage system for your building façade access.

Tank Anchors

FLS tank anchors are an innovative solution to a common industry hazard of working on top of above ground storage tanks. These anchors clamp to the center flange of the tank and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Freestanding Rooftop Anchor

Where work is temporary or a permanent solution is not feasible our freestanding rooftop anchor systems provide a non-penetrating mean of providing fall protection for work on roofs.


FLS can manufacturer almost any customer anchor point solution to meet your requirements.

For more information on our engineered fall protection solutions for aircraft hangars and aircraft maintenance, contact our fall safety specialists.

Anchor Fall Protection Case Studies

Chamberlin Case Study

Flexible Lifeline Systems designed, supplied, and installed 32 Tieback Anchors, one 280 feet Multi Span Lifeline System, and one FlexGuard Portable safety railing.

American Airlines Case Study

FLS designed compliant and user-friendly fall protection for an American Airlines maintenance hanger while specific clearance requirements.

George Steel/Caresource Office Building Case Study

FLS Engineers provided an OSHA compliant system that includes horizontal lifeline systems along with strategically placed tieback anchors to accommodate window washing personnel.

Texas A&M Rooftop Tieback Anchors

Rooftop tieback anchors were needed to facilitate a window washing system for Texas A&M University.

Nestle Water/Ozarka Water Case Study

FLS designed and engineered five single point anchors for a Nestle and Ozarka distribution center.

FLS Anchor Fall Safety Solutions
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