A Modular Solution for Safely Crossing Obstructed Rooftops

There are multiple risks to rooftop workers that don’t involve falling over the edge. Air ducts, pipes, skylights, interior parapets, and other obstacles are hazards to employees. Letting workers navigate these obstacles without a safe working platform puts them at risk for serious injury. For obstructed rooftops, crossover platforms provide a safe access solution. Crossover platforms also ideal for navigating varying roof elevations and traversing roof gaps.

Essential Rooftop Safety

FLS Crossovers provide essential safety features for rooftop work environments including:

Safe Access Over Hazards

FLS Rooftop Crossovers can be easily configured to allow safe access over any obstacle that obstructs their path such as pipe lines and roof air ducts.

Safely Change Elevations

Rooftops frequently have elevation changes that present hazards. Crossover platforms provide a safe a pathway for workers to access all areas of the rooftop when there are variations in roof elevation.


Safe Zone

Rooftop pipes can be dangerous! In many cases they are hot or contain dangerous material. If people try to climb over them, they can burn themselves or damage the pipes, creating an unsafe situation and a costly repair. Crossovers can limit access and damage to potentially hazardous rooftop pipes.

Accident Prevention

Crossovers not only preserve rooftop equipment, they also protect workers that need to get over them. Roofs can be very slippery and slips and trips are an ever-present danger to people who are forced to climb over rooftop obstacles. Secure crossovers with tread and railing prevent slips and trips.

Work Efficiency

Situations where workers have to climb over rooftop obstacles, or having to go out of their way to bring tools to areas of the roof that need work, can waste time and become quite costly. The efficiency created from a well placed crossover can pay for itself.

Customizable & Modular

The modular nature of our rooftop crossover platforms can accommodate virtually any rooftop configuration. No matter what rooftop obstacles are involved, we are certain we can create a crossover platform that will meet your needs and keep your workers safe. Should your rooftop configuration ever change our modular crossovers can be adjusted and customized even after installation to meet your new requirements.

OSHA Compliant

Custom designed crossovers from FLS are sturdy, durable and always OSHA compliant. When your workers access rooftop areas via our crossovers, you’ll know they are doing so safely.

Easy To Configure & Install

Onsite Assembly

FLS rooftop Crossovers modular design makes it a simple matter to configure, assemble, adjust, and disassemble when needed. Assembly and disassembly can be done on location by maintenance personnel or contractors. Specialized labor is not required.

Shipped Quickly at Minimal Costs

FLS will ship Crossover sections unassembled or semi-assembled at your request to save on shipping costs. You may also choose to have the crossover platform shipped as a fully assembled unit.

Efficient Design

Since no welding is involved, crossover platforms can be configured, assembled, and installed more efficiently than fabricated options. FLS modular rooftop crossovers go from design to implementation at nearly twice the speed of welded platforms.

Modular and Kitted

FLS crossover platforms are made up of modular sections that can be easily adjusted or enlarged on location as needed. We also offer crossover sections in kits that allow you to quickly and cost effectively design a system that meets your specifications.

Crossover Platform FLS Access Animation

Rooftop Fall Safety Solutions

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Rooftop Multi Span Lifelines

FLS Multispan Lifeline Systems are versatile, economical solutions that equip rooftop workers with continuous, active fall protection.

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Rooftop Crossover Platforms

A modular solution for safely crossing obstructed rooftops. There are multiple risks to rooftop workers that don’t involve falling over the edge.

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Vertical Lifelines & Ladder Davits

The two most common solutions for ladder fall arrest systems are cable based vertical lifelines and ladder davits with self-retracting lifelines.

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Skylight Guardrails

The FLS Skylight Guardrail is a freestanding fall-protection solution for use around skylights, roof lights, and dome lights.

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The FlexTraxx system provides a secure attachment eye that combines with the weatherproof characteristics of a traditional ridge piece.

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Freestanding Rooftop Anchor

The freestanding rooftop anchor provides worker safety at heights where there is a requirement to access flat roofs or structures.

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Flexguard Permanent

A modular, freestanding and permanent guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof membrane.

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Flexguard Portable

A mobile guardrail system that is made up of modular sections and weights that can easily be assembled or moved.

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Flexguard Parapet

A railing system where the uprights are directly screwed to the rooftop parapet reducing cost while providing fall protection.

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The FLS Modular Rooftop Walkway provides a safe walking surface that protects the rooftop and any workers who require roof access.

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Hatch Kits

FLS Hatch Kits prevent falls into open hatches, and promote safe entry and exit of rooftop openings for workers.

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Skylight Guardrails

The FLS Skylight Guardrail is a freestanding fall-protection solution for use around skylights, roof lights, and dome lights.

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Custom Fall Protection Solutions

We can design and manufacture custom solutions per your requirements.

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