Pit Protection

Maintenance Pit Fall Protection

Keep Your Workforce Safe Around Maintenance and Inspection Pits

In the automotive industry, open inspection pits are one of the most common causes of accidents. At all times, pit hazards must be protected by a vehicle, cover, or barrier.

Those who work in and around vehicle inspection pits face a serious injury risk. It's easy to forget that you're working around an open hole in a busy work environment. As a result, workers are prone to falling into these holes and being seriously injured. Passive fall protection ensures the safety of your team during vehicle inspections with our pit covers.

Why Choose PitProtect?

Strong and Durable

Strong and Durable

PitProtect is a lightweight system and durable enough to hold a maximum load of 330 lbs and is designed to prevent falls into open inspection pits.



The accordion-style design or PitProtect allows each cover to be adjusted to varying lengths and widths depending on your particular safety needs.

Easy to Install and Use

Easy to Install and Use

Our maintenance pit covers only require a simple drill for a quick and easy installation. PitProtect can be easily adjusted and installed by a single individual.

Reduce Fall Hazards

Reduce Fall Hazards

The maintenance pit safety covers are a perfect passive fall protection solution and the retractable design makes it simple to extend and retract when needed.

PitProtect Literature

PitProtect FAQs

Can you drive over the pit cover?

PitProtect is not designed to support the weight of vehicles. Make sure to highlight pit edges and train your drivers so they can position vehicles safely.

How much weight can PitProtect support?

The pit cover can support up to 330 lb.

What is a vehicle pit cover?

Pit covers shield the floor opening and can be removed to allow employees to access the opening when needed. Pit covers are made of safety netting, plywood, grating, and steel plates. With simple operations, PitProtect retractable safety pit covers can be easily used by one employee.

Why do we need to cover service pits?

A momentary distraction or unintended trip can send an employee into the pit. A pit cover or barrier will prevent severe injury or even a fatality. In addition to increasing the amount of usable garage floor surface, PitProtect allows quick, safe access to vehicle maintenance.

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