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FLS offers a comprehensive line of access solutions that includes permanent and portable walkways, platforms, and self-closing gates.

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Access Solutions

Providing a safe mean of access to work areas at height is usually the first step in protecting employees who work at height. FLS offers a comprehensive line of access solutions that include permanent and portable walkways and platforms. Our modular access system designs add versatility and reduce installation time.

Access solutions include industrial catwalks, rooftop walkways, walkways with integrated guardrails, rooftop crossover platforms, self closing gates, custom work platforms, and railcar and truck permanent access platforms.

For more information on our engineered access solutions, contact our fall safety specialists.



Flexible Lifeline Systems access solutions start with evaluating the work area and specific operations performed. Evaluation of the supporting building structures is often required.



Our team of registered structural engineers, AutoCAD designers and field engineers model access system solutions specific to the requirements of the customer to provide maximum access, compliance and safety.



To maintain the highest level of quality, every system part and manufactured component is thoroughly inspected, processed and supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 program.



Our construction and field technicians have decades of experience enabling us to perform safely and efficiently and complete even the most complicated installation in days versus weeks.



Flexible Lifeline Systems coordinators, trainers, technicians, and engineers proactively ensure solutions are properly used, serviced, inspected and remain compliant with latest standards and regulations through annual recertification.

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Access Solutions FAQs

Can you drive over the pit cover?

PitProtect is not designed to support the weight of vehicles. Make sure to highlight pit edges and train your drivers so they can position vehicles safely.

How much weight can PitProtect support?

The pit cover can support up to 330 lb.

What is a vehicle pit cover?

Pit covers shield the floor opening and can be removed to allow employees to access the opening when needed. Pit covers are made of safety netting, plywood, grating, and steel plates. With simple operations, PitProtect retractable safety pit covers can be easily used by one employee.

Why do we need to cover service pits?

A momentary distraction or unintended trip can send an employee into the pit. A pit cover or barrier will prevent severe injury or even a fatality. In addition to increasing the amount of usable garage floor surface, PitProtect allows quick, safe access to vehicle maintenance.

What are safe methods to access roofs?

Fixed ladder, temporary ladders, stairs and manlifts are all potentially safe methods of accessing a roof.  A job hazard analysis should be performed to ensure the access can be done in a safe manner.  If near the edge, protecting access points with additional guardrail around the access point to protect the worker once on the roof should also be considered.  Depending on the height of a fixed ladder it may require additional fall protection. Ensure temporary ladders are used correctly and extend above the roof level and are not near a roof corner.  When using a man lift to access a roof ensure it can extend to a safe place to access the roof before exiting.