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We provide fall protection courses tailored to your specific needs. These courses are a perfect complement to the equipment we design and install.

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Training Courses

Flexible Lifeline Systems provides in-depth fall protection courses that can be tailored to your specific needs. These courses are the perfect complement to the equipment that we design and install. Many of our customers ask for our assistance in rolling out national programs, providing training materials, and hosting trainer courses. These courses provide your trainers with the best possible preparation to roll out your program. A uniquely equipped team of well-seasoned instructors are available to help meet your fall protection training requirements.

Courses are currently offered through multiple delivery methods that include online, at your facility, or at a state-of-the-art training center near you. For more information contact us and we’ll team you with qualified trainers to fit your needs.


customer testimonial (Training) class was thorough and very informative. Our folks got a sense of real accomplishment from being there.

~ David – Marietta , GA

Benefits of FLS Fall Protection System Training Courses

Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Our uniquely equipped training staff of well-seasoned instructors are the fall protection industry experts. You’ll find no better team to help meet your fall protection training requirements.

Proper System Usage

Proper System Usage

Fall Arrest Systems are only effective if they’re used correctly. Having a competent person on staff train your personnel provides assurance that systems are used as intended for maximum safety.

Global Availability

Global Availability

Our in-person courses are taught at state-of-the-art training facilities around the world.

Fall Safety Training FAQs

Is working at height training required?

Yes, anyone who works at height is required to undertake training. Different levels of training and qualification are required depending on the task and level of responsibility.  These include authorized competent and qualified persons.