Fall Hazard Evaluations Performed by our Qualified Persons

Flexible Lifeline Systems is a leading provider of ANSI Z359.2-2007 compliant fall hazard surveys. A typical fall hazard assessment and survey includes the following:

  • Mobilization of a FLS qualified person in fall protection to perform the onsite fall hazard evaluation.
  • Onsite fall hazard evaluation of at height work areas.
  • Hazard Abatement controls structural review by FLS Senior Professional Engineer.
  • Preparation of Fall Hazard Survey Report.
  • Preparation of Site Sketches of hazard area layouts and configuration.
  • Preparation of Budget Cost Estimates for each hazard abatement control.

FLS Fall Hazard Survey Reports include:

  • Identification one or more methods to eliminate or control each identified fall hazard.
  • Basic Configuration of the hazard in the form of simple cad drawings from hand sketches and pictures.
  • Annotated pictures of each hazard area.
  • Exposure rating (Risk of Falling) High, Medium or Low.
  • Frequency of Access.
  • Height of Potential Fall (Severity of Injury).
  • Type and/or means of rescue required, if necessary.
  • Prioritization of the hazards identified based on greatest risk and exposure.
  • Identification of the paths taken and distances to access the work area and all fall hazards encountered along the way to the work area to address any potential swing fall issues.
  • Identification of environmental factors that may affect the fall hazard controls use, inspection, maintenance or installation.

What you, the customer, will need to provide for a fall hazard survey:

  • Escorted access to the evaluation areas during the survey.
  • Prior to start of work, coordinate a brief safety meeting with FLS qualified person and attending customer personnel to discuss and address any potential safety concerns or risks during performance of the Fall Hazard Evaluation.
  • Provide access to information and personnel who perform and are intimately familiar with the work processes, job tasks, environmental conditions and current company policies related to the areas being evaluated.

Designated personnel shall be able to provide information to the qualified person related to the following:

  • Reason for job task.
  • Frequency of task.
  • Duration of task.
  • Detailed description of path and actions taken during job task.
  • Identification of Non company employee or contractor work tasks that have similar exposures.
  • Environmental factors and conditions during work task.
  • Input related to eliminating the job task or requirements for changing the job task to eliminate the hazard.
  • Other safety hazards or risks associated with the job task.
  • History of any accidents or near misses related to the task.

To inquire about our risk assessment services for your facility, contact one of our fall safety specialists.