Have A Qualified Engineer Review Your Current System Design

The American National Standards Institute fall protection committee has issued updated Z359 series fall protection standards.

The latest Z359.6 – Active Fall Protection Systems Standard – details new requirements for a 5 year engineering review and recertification for all active fall protection systems.

FLS is ready to help our customers stay in compliance with the latest standards in fall protection. Most customers take advantage of our annual inspection services. The 5 year engineering/design recertification will ensure that your active fall protection systems stay compliant with the latest regulations.

5 Year Engineering And Design Recertification

  • An FLS Qualified Professional Engineer will thoroughly review the original design
  • FLS will consult with the customer to evaluate any changes in the hazard or task
  • FLS will consult with the customer for feedback from the competent and authorized persons of the fall protection system
  • FLS will update the design drawings for compliance with the latest OSHA and ANSI standards
  • An FLS Qualified Professional Engineer will stamp the drawings and system specifications
  • FLS will issue updated drawings, specifications and 5 year recertification certificates

Note: The 5 year Engineering and Design Recertification (EDR) is offered as an additional component of our standard annual inspection process. Both services are to be conducted simultaneously. The EDR does not replace the standard annual inspection requirement nor include those associated costs.

Benefits To The 5 Year Engineering And Design Recertification

  • Ensures that the fall protection system still provides protection from the fall hazard for which it was originally designed. Changes in work processes, working heights, fall clearance distances, number of users and other factors can all impact the performance of an active fall protection system.
  • Keeps the fall protection system up-to-date with the latest Engineering standards and practices.
  • Ensures that the fall protection system has continued compliance with current safety standards and regulations. There have been extensive changes to the ANSI Z359 fall protection standards over the last few years and OSHA is currently taking comments for the proposed rewrite of the 1910 General Industry Fall Protection Standard.
  • Feedback from competent and authorized users often provides valuable information and ideas for system improvements and functionality.

The ANSI Z359 Standards

The ANSI Z359 standards are consensus standards intended for every employer to adopt and implement the guidelines and requirements for the development of a comprehensive managed fall protection program.

Relevant excerpt from the standard:

ANSI Z359.6-2009 American National Standard Active Fall Protection Systems

4.6.5 Recertification of Active Fall Protection Systems. Active fall protection systems shall be thoroughly reviewed by an engineer at a frequency to be determined by the original design or other similarly qualified engineer but not to exceed five years. This recertification process shall include a review of the original documents prepared for the system and their continued applicability. As a minimum, the following criteria shall also be considered and the result of the certification shall result in a report or set of documents outline in Section 3.3.1.

  • Changes in the hazards and tasks that are addressed by the active fall protection system
  • Changes in regulations, standards or other factors affecting the active fall protection system
  • Feedback from a representative sample of the competent persons and authorized persons of the fall protection system
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