5 Year Engineering Design Review

Ensure active fall protection systems are compliant with the latest regulations. Flexible Lifeline Systems review and 5 Year EDR Certification.

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Stay compliant with the latest standards in fall protection

Having Active Fall protection systems reviewed, tested and certified in accordance with OSHA and ANSI-mandated certification guidelines and requirements ensures that systems function as originally designed, meet operational demands, and are current with the latest engineering standards/practices and federal code. Offered as an enhancement to our standard annual inspection services since 2009, Flexible Lifeline Systems 5-Year Engineering Design Review (EDR) and Recertification services provide the greatest level of compliance and assurance available.

Our comprehensive services help customers satisfy:

  • OSHA General Duty Clause
  • Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program
  • ANSI Z359.6 Specifications and Design Requirements for Active Fall Protection Systems
  • All Manufacturer Requirements

5 Year Engineering Design Review and Recertification

Our Inspection and EDR services assist customers in the development and implementation of a comprehensive managed fall protection program. Our team is comprised of professional, authorized, competent, and qualified people with over two decades experience in Fall Protection Systems Design/Engineering.

Components of the review and certification process:

  • Visual and Physical Inspection of system(s) to ensure good working order and compliance
  • Consultation with competent persons and authorized users of the system
  • Evaluation of any changes to risks, hazards, or tasks since original installation
  • Thorough review of original design by a Qualified Professional Engineer
  • Qualified Professional Engineer drawings/specs and 5-Year Certification to be provided, stamped upon request
  • If required, specifications and quote is provided for necessary upgrades




The most important benefit of an EDR is to ensure that the fall protection system still provides protection from the fall hazard for which it was originally designed, keeping your team protected from fall hazards while they work.



System performance reviews accommodate changes to work processes, working heights, fall clearance distances, number of users and other factors which can all impact the performance of an active fall protection system.



Having a qualified person review the system engineering specifications keeps the fall protection system up-to-date with the latest Engineering Standards and Practices.



Feedback from competent and authorized users provide valuable insight for system improvements and functionality that will maximize the systems use and worker productivity.



A 5 Year EDR ensures that the fall protection system has continued compliance with current safety standards and regulations.

Engineered Fall Protection Inspections & Recertifications

Requirements and Best Practices for Engineered Fall Protection

The Codes and Standards Flexible Lifeline Systems EDR addresses:

Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970

“Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of
employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to
cause death or serious physical harm to his employees.”

29 U.S. Code § 654. Duties of Employers and Employees

(a) Each employer:

  1. shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment
    which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause
    death or serious physical harm to his employees
  2. shall comply with occupational safety and health standards promulgated under
    this chapter.

(b) Each employee shall comply with Occupational Safety and Health standards and
all rules, regulations, and orders issued pursuant to this chapter which are applicable
to his own actions and conduct.

ANSI Z.359.6-2016 9.2

In addition to the required annual inspections, the designs of and inspection
requirements for the fall protections systems shall be thoroughly reviewed by the
original designer or other similarly qualified professional engineer, or a qualified
person under the supervision of a professional engineer at a frequency not to
exceed five (5) years. The process shall include a review of the original documents
prepared for the system and their continued applicability. As a minimum, the
following criteria shall also be considered and the result of the certification shall
result in a report or set of documents recertifying the system:

  1. changes in the hazards and tasks that are addressed by the active fall
    protection systems
  2. changes in regulations, standards or other factors affecting the active fall
    protection system
  3. feedback from a representative sample of the competent persons and
    authorized persons of the fall protection system