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Reliable Fall Safety Solutions For Wind Turbines

Working at height is required during the assembly and general maintenance activities of wind towers. FLS is fully involved with safety issues inherent in the wind power industry, bringing our unique expertise to the fall protection aspects of wind energy facilities.

Optimal Fall Protection For Wind Turbines

FLS fall protection solutions cover the complete wind turbine life cycle including construction, operation, and maintenance. Our systems are specifically designed to take into account the structures and movements associated with them. Our designs incorporate extraordinary versatility into the system providing a safety solution for all user requirements.

Ladder structures within a wind turbine are made from thin lightweight aluminum as opposed to steel. This means that while the ladder is strong enough for climbing, careful consideration should be given to the loads which the ladder may incur in the event of a fall. The advantages of our systems are that they are anchored directly to the steel work on the top platform, which is remote from the aluminum ladder. Additionally, our safety systems incorporate a webbing strop to facilitate easy release and rescue in the event of a fall.

Proven Solutions For Wind Energy

FLS has worked with major wind turbine manufacturers and has the flexibility to respond to the needs of this cutting edge industry.

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