Horizontal Lifelines for Energy

Fall Arrest Lifelines For Industrial Applications

When guardrails or other fall prevention measures are not an option, the FLS flexible horizontal lifeline is a fall arrest alternative used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Horizontal lifelines are commonly used in industrial environments to provide linear fall protection at heights over 14′. Their ease of installation, durability, and affordable cost make them a solid solution for many applications.

Our highly skilled licensed engineers with years of experience in fall protection design are qualified persons in permanent horizontal lifeline engineering and design. Considerations for supporting structures, fall distances, environmental conditions, users and other factors, per ANSI Z359.6, are all necessary to ensure a safe fall protection system.

Industrial Horizontal Lifeline Applications

Flexible Horizontal Lifeline Features


Cable based systems offer unparalleled flexibility. Our engineers are able to develop and install overhead horizontal lifelines with span capabilities from 20′ up to virtually unlimited system lengths that accommodate any industrial application.


Cable based systems with pass thru capability of intermediate supports allow multiple workers comfortable and safe access to work areas.


The unique and patented overhead shuttle unit glides freely over 316 stainless steel cables providing continuous protection over the entire length of the system.


Cable based systems include built-in user-friendly tension indicators, a variety of integral energy absorbers to limits loads and fall distances, serial numbering of all components and are simple and economical to install.


Systems are all-weather use for optimum productivity indoors and outside.

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