Preassembled Safety Railing Kit

Pre-assembled warehouse and loading dock railing kit

Railing is frequently required to meet safety standards in both warehouses and on loading docks. Hazards are abundant in both areas and safety railing can be used for a number of different purposes. Safety railing can be used to protect people from falling from the end of the dock where truck pulls up. And safety railing can be used to protect pedestrians and workers from forklifts and other moving warehouse vehicles.

FlexKit Benefits

The FlexKit railing system is everything you need to install a sturdy railing system in one box. Elbows, crosses and tees arrive prefitted to the upright pipes to save you time and eliminate guesswork. Easy to assemble and install. Requires no welding or threading.

There are multiple unique benefits to the FlexKit safety railing system including the following:

  • FlexKits are available immediately.
  • FlexKit meets or exceeds OSHA and BOCA standards
  • Corrosion resistant, reliable and durable fittings
  • Pipe is powder coated in safety yellow for visibility
    (Also available in galvanized Iron/Steel or Aluminum)
  • Easily assembled with a standard hex tool
  • Low system cost
Loading Dock Railing

Loading Dock Railing

The FlexKit railing system is an ideal solution for loading docks where damaged railing is commonplace. It only takes a moment for a distracted truck driver to damage the integrity of your loading dock railing. Here are a few of the advantages FlexKit offers:

  1. FlexKit railing is pre-powder coated in highly visible safety yellow.
  2. A galvanized coated layer is underneath the paint to protect the railing if the paint is chipped.
  3. FlexKit Sections are easily to ordered and installed. Each kit arrives partially preassembled.
  4. It’s easy to replace damaged railing sections. When railing is damaged, a replacement section can be quickly ordered and implemented without expensive welding work.
Warehouse Railing

Warehouse Railing

For warehouse safety, railing can be installed very quickly. The uprights arrive preassembled. Simply mount the bases to the floor, attach the horizontal railing pipes and the railing is ready for use. Each section is designed with industry standard 1-1/2″ pipe, exceeding OSHA top rail load requirements.

The railing can also be easily removed when necessary. This is very helpful in warehouses where safety railing sometimes needs to be temporarily removed for access. The base of the railing stays in place so the railing can be reattached once access in no longer required and safety parameters need to be reestablished.


Easy and Quick Setup

Assembly of the he FlexKit railing system only requires a standard hex tool to tighten the set screws. Almost any standard railing configuration can be achieved with FlexKit by ordering the right combination of kit components. FlexKit can be secured using bolts or chemical anchors, and FlexKit rails can be cut where shorter sections are needed.

Cost Efficient

FlexKit provides a guardrail at a low system cost. Everything you need for the FlexKit railing system arrives included in a single box. The railing system is broken down and shipped flat to save on freight costs.


Flexkit components and fittings are galvanized to ASTM standards on all assemblies. Corrosion resistant, reliable and durable fittings last much longer than inferior systems with welded joints.

OSHA Compliant

FlexKit safety railing systems utilize reliable fittings that exceed OSHA requirements for safety railings. The railings ship standard in Safety Yellow, are 42” inches high and have 6 feet of spacing between posts. The pipe has an outside diameter of 1.90”.

Toeboard Adapter

FlexKit safety railing also meets OSHA requirements for toe boards. The stainless steel toeboard hardware is included in with FlexKit and is easy to install with no drilling or welding. The flange attaches directly to the toe plate for greater rail stability.

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