Catwalks / Elevated Walkways

Steel Catwalk Systems And Fall Protection For Elevated Platforms

Accessing sorters and conveyors for inspection or maintenance always presents fall safety challenges. FLS can help turn previously unused overhead space into walkway space suitable for overhead maintenance by designing and installing elevated catwalk systems with stair access.

Our catwalk systems are designed to exceed OSHA standards and keep your employees fully protected while working at height. Catwalk systems can be both suspended from structure or self supporting. Their modular construction allows for ease of installation even in tight or hard to reach spaces.

Common Uses For Catwalk Walkway Systems

  • Provide access to conveyor systems and machinery
  • Access in attic spaces or above clean rooms
  • Perform overhead maintenance
  • Provide access to warehouse racks and/or high shelving


Flexible Lifeline Systems catwalk solutions start with evaluating the specific operations performed. In the case of catwalk systems, evaluation of the supporting building structures is often required.


Our team of registered structural engineers, AutoCAD designers and field engineers model permanent access platform systems specific to the requirements of the customer to provide maximum access, compliance and safety.


To maintain the highest level of quality, every system part and manufactured component is thoroughly inspected, processed and supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 program.


Our construction and field technicians have decades of experience  enabling us to perform safely and efficiently and complete even the most complicated installation in days versus weeks.


Flexible Lifeline Systems coordinators, trainers, technicians, and engineers proactively ensure solutions are properly used, serviced, inspected and remain compliant with latest standards and regulations through annual recertification.

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