Overhead solutions for loading, unloading and maintenance

The work carried out by forklift drivers, techs and mechanics is often at height, involves many risk factors and without proper training and protection equipment, daily tasks can end up being dangerous ones. Loading, unloading and servicing industrial trucks requires a high degree of experience and caution.

Truck and trailer fall restraint and arrest systems from Flexible Lifeline Systems are installed in thousands of facilities across the United States. Our overhead lifeline systems, permanent access platforms and guardrail solutions are just as hard-working and reliable as the people that maintain the lifeblood of the U.S. economy.

We are known for tackling the unique challenges of the bulk loading and heavy truck service industry head on and recognized for our ability to address OSHA requirements with fall protection systems that integrate into established work routines.

customer testimonial

We purchased three fall protection systems from your company last year. They were installed in truck unloading areas, a tank farm and our production area. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, work ethic, and quality of work shown by your superintendent during the installation of these systems. The project manager also did a great job working with us on the design elements, budget constraints, and installation schedule.

~ Lonnie (Tyler, TX)

Hazard Assessment & Structural Analysis

Flexible Lifeline Systems truck and trailer fall protection solutions start with evaluating the specific work routines performed. In the case of maintenance bays, evaluation of the supporting building structures and an understanding of overhead crane operation is often required. When systems are required in loading areas we pay close attention to both static and dynamic obstacles that affect fall clearance.


Our design team of civil and structural engineers, AutoCAD designers and field engineers produce comprehensive design packages that include detail foundation drawings, structural steel design and a compliant fall protection solution in accordance with ANSI and OSHA requirements. Additionally, our engineers factor other elements such as local seismic and weather conditions into each design.


Working near active trucking areas requires careful coordination, and in some cases special insurances. Our crews mobilize to site with all tools, safety and installation equipment. Each installation technician has extensive training and refresher training in safety, equipment usage and construction techniques. Using our proprietary safety hazard assessment app, our crews perform a thorough pre-installation safety evaluation each day to ensure all work is done safely. Our lead technicians have an average tenure with FLS of over 10 years. This experience is invaluable in the field when having competent, qualified and capable technicians working in an active work environment.


Every fall protection system must be inspected and serviced periodically or after a fall. Our field service team of coordinators, inspection technicians and engineers proactively work with our customers to keep their fall protection systems serviced and up to date with the latest standards and requirements.


Flexible Lifeline Systems ensures active fall protection systems stay in compliance through our annual system inspection services and 5-year full engineering/design review and recertification.

Rigid Rail Fall Protection For Trucks & Trailers

Truck & Trailer Fall Protection Projects

Teknor Apex Case Study

Overhead fall protection was needed on the old and new plastics silos for workers to connect the feeder tubes to tanker trucks while on top of the trucks. FLS designed, fabricated and installed 8 FlexRail Systems.

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Evonik Overhead Lifeline Case Study

An overhead fall protection system was needed in their Acrylic Bay to access the tops of trucks loading materials for distribution.

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Naval Facility Implements Mobile Quad Rail

The Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) Mobile Fall Arrest System was quick to install, can be reconfigured as needed, and very reasonable when compared to installing a permanent fall arrest system that could only be used in one location.

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Nelson Brothers Case Study

FLS provided foundation design and anchor bolts for gallow mounting, as well as all fabricated parts, hardware, and system components.

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OSHA Requirements for Truck & Trailer Fall Protection


Under OSHA’s requirements, all workers must have some form of fall protection while on the beds of the trucks. OSHA requires fall protection for employees who work at elevation, defined as 4 feet per the OSHA 1910 standard for general industry and 6 feet per OSHA 1926 construction standards.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.23(c): Every open-sided floor or platform four feet above an adjacent floor or ground level shall be guarded by a standard railing on all open sides except where there is entrance to a ramp, stairway or fixed ladder.

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