Railings, Anchors, Lifelines, & Safe Access Systems For Tanks

Flexible Lifeline Systems (FLS) is prepared and ready to handle your tank safety needs. We have solutions for all types of tanks including:

  • fixed roof tanks
  • open top flat bottom storage tanks
  • fixed roof flat bottom low pressure tanks
  • silos
  • hoppers
  • portable water storage tanks
  • industrial water storage tanks
  • and other similar structures

Our tank systems are designed to be user-friendly and non-intrusive while providing continuous, complete, and uncompromising fall protection while working at height. Our solutions use components made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, to ensure system longevity and reliability.

guardrails on roof of tank

Safety Handrail Systems

Our FlexGuard solution provides a handrail system that is freestanding and non-penetrating around the perimeter of the tank or from the access ladder to certain points on the tank. Installation of a FlexGuard system require no drilling or hot work.

Inclined Fall Protection For Tank Stairs

Many tanks have steep hazardous stairways. FLS has solutions for rigid and cable-based inclined systems that provide continuous fall protection while ascending or descending tank stairways. These solutions can be mounted to the handrails on tank stairs, including curved stairways.

Fall Arrest Anchors On Tanks

FLS offers unique tank anchors which attach to the center access hatch. These anchors provides 360° fall protection on top of the tank. We also have solutions for all sizes of pipes and flanges.

permanent tank anchor

Petroleum & Storage Tank Fall Safety Experts

Contact our fall safety experts for more information on the wide range of fall protection solutions we offer for tanks.