Skylight Guardrails

Our freestanding guardrails for skylight fall protection are an easy and effective way to address skylight safety concerns.

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Free Standing Skylight Fall Safety Solution

The FLS Skylight Guardrail is a freestanding fall-protection solution for use around skylights, roof lights, and dome lights. Its unique modular design enables application as a permanent solution, or it can be moved and re-erected as needed.

The guardrail system allows maintenance crews and contractors to safely work on rooftops without the risk of stepping onto an unguarded skylight. The FLS Skylight Guardrail metal components are coated with a protective layer of zinc, helping to keep the system effectively maintenance free and resilient over time. The system also integrates seamlessly with our other FlexGuard fall-protection systems.

Skylight Guardrail Fall Protection Features

  • The system does not block light
  • It is possible to install the railing system further from the edge of the skylight so it is not visible from within the skylight
  • Can be installed around nonstandard shape skylights

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Hazard Assessment

Maximizing the fall safety provided by Skylight Guardrails requires proper installation and the understanding of associated fall hazards. As your turnkey fall protection provider, FLS evaluates your rooftop to ensure a complete fall protection solution is provided.


The FLS Skylight Guardrail system is designed with permanency in mind. The heavy rubber base, galvanized components, and well-fitted pipes, joints and clamps support loads of up to 300 N/m. All fittings are galvanized, making the system long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

Rapid Assembly

The FLS Skylight Guardrail system’s standard components allow for quick assembly without compromising stability or durability. Vertical posts, hand and knee rails, 90° corner fittings, recycled PVC feet with adjustable clamping rings, along with steel tubing rails that can be cut to size comprise the entire solution.


There is no need to puncture the roof surface during installation as the clamping rings fasten securely to the base of the roof opening (up to 8’ x 8’ in area), allowing for maximum mobility and utility.

FLS Screen Fall Safety Solutions

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The FLS Skylight Guardrail system meets all rooftop standards set by safety legislation and EN 14122 pt3. The system can be implemented on any roof surfaces, with a maximum pitch of 3°. The FLS Skylight Guardrail system has been independently tested to OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.29.