Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail

Optimized Rooftop Safety for Rooftop Workers. The FlexWalk walkway with guardrail system is the most preferred fall protection system for rooftop safety.

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Modular, Safe & Compliant Rooftop Walking Surface

The Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail system from Flexible Lifeline Systems is a fall protection solution consisting of walkway and guardrail which can be installed quickly and easily on a wide variety of roofs.

It is a safe, compliant and modular approach to guardrail protection and eliminates the fall hazard typically present when workers are exposed to an unprotected edge while accessing or egressing a roof top. The Rooftop Walkway is cost-effective, non-corrosive protection of the highest order while maintaining simple and quick installs.

Optimized Rooftop Safety for Workers

A slip resistant walkway with guardrail is the preferred fall protection system as dictated in the hierarchy of control measures; it provides the highest level of collective fall prevention for roof access and work at height.

Rooftop walkways provide a defined and secure route across the roof keeping users safe from the associated hazards when working at height without the need to fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE) or harnesses.

FLS safety access walkways can be combined with our range of platforms, guardrail and steps to form a complete safe access solution.

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Non-Slip Tread

Non-Slip Tread

Our Rooftop Walkways utilize a non-slip tread constructed from glass reinforced nylon treads attached to aluminum support beams creating surface traction which allows workers to safely traverse a roof.

Stairs Systems for Sloped Roofs

Stairs Systems for Sloped Roofs

When rooftops slope, friction alone can’t provide a safe walking surface. Our rooftop walkways utilize stair sections to provide level footing and maintain a safe work environment on sloped roofs.

Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail Advantages

Unmatched Versatility

Designed for use on all major roofing system with roof pitch inclines up to 35°. The Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail System can also be used in conjunction with our range of steps, platforms and step-overs when negotiating changes in level. Our guardrail solution is equally suited to both retrofit on existing systems or as a new build.


The safety guardrail is built from 48.3mm tube with galvanized corrosion resistant fittings and safety handrails. Aluminum guardrail is also available using modular fittings.

Easy Installation

Walkway with Guardrail systems feature modular fittings for simple and fast on-site installation. The guardrail system is a non-penetrative solution that can be installed on one or both sides of the pathway.

Onsite Inspection

We will survey your rooftop and specify a system to meet your specific site requirements guaranteeing peace of mind and a perfect installation.

OSHA Compliant

The Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail System is OSHA 1910.28(b)(13) Compliant and meets ANSI standards.

FLS Access Fall Safety Solutions

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