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Rooftop Horizontal Lifelines

Our horizontal lifeline systems work on almost any type of roof. Both permanent roof anchors and portable solutions are available.

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Rooftop Horizontal Lifeline Systems For Fall Arrest

FLS Horizontal Lifeline Systems are versatile, economical solutions that equip rooftop workers with continuous, active fall protection. A single horizontal lifeline allows up to three workers to perform their tasks with complete fall protection. Because workers are continually attached to the safety line, Horizontal Lifelines make it possible for workers to safely access all areas of a rooftop.

The FLS Horizontal Lifeline has created a revolution in fall arrest system design through the use of energy absorbing anchorage posts. In the event of a fall, energy absorbing anchorage posts disperse and minimize loads applied to the rooftop. This feature allows application across virtually all major roof types including relatively delicate roof structures without costly penetrations and closures.

Multi-User Systems
Engineered to extend fall safety continuously for the number of users you require.

Durable Construction
Long-lasting multi-span lifeline systems made from Grade 316 stainless steel wire and brackets.

Versatile Applications
Used in a variety of industries; roofs, overhead cranes, pipe racks, railcars, and many more.

Continuous Safety
Intermediate supports and cable shuttles allowing users to pass through without disconnecting.

Flexible Horizontal Lifeline Features

Multi Span Lifelines are compatible with all major roof types including standing seam, membrane or metal profile rooftops. System designs are compatible with a variety of roof profiles and can be designed to circumvent obstacles.

Multi-User Fall Protection

Systems are engineered to extend fall safety continuously to all areas of the rooftop for the number of users you require (usually three).


Horizontal Lifelines can extend up to 50 feet between posts. The system is modular and utilizes a post and base plate allowing for easy configuration and streamlined efficient installation.


Tough and long lasting multi span systems are made from Grade 316 stainless steel 5/16″ (8mm) diameter wire and brackets.

Standards Compliant

FLS Horizontal Lifelines has been third-party tested. They meet both OSHA and ANSI requirements as well as standards set by CSA 13-04 & 16-04.

Proprietary Configurator Tool

Our configurator quickly specs out your entire proposed system providing you a quick and accurate solution after a simple site survey to confirm your safety needs.

Rooftop Fall Safety Solutions

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