Mobile Guardrail

Portable Guardrail System designed to meet OSHA construction industry standards. Easily assembled, disassembled, and moved to where it’s needed.

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Contractor Rooftop Guardrail

FlexGuard Portable safety railing is a mobile guardrail system that is made up of modular sections and weights that can easily be assembled, disassembled, and moved to where it’s needed. It’s an efficient and cost effective solution when a safety railing system is needed temporarily.

FlexGuard Portable is contractor grade that meets OSHA construction industry standards which are slightly different from OSHA’s general industry regulations.

Portable Guardrail System Advantages and Specifications

The FlexGuard Portable system is free standing with no need for any connections to, or penetration of the roof surface. Uprights are held in place by steel galvanized collars and set screws. The system is sturdy like permanent railing, but can easily be adjusted or moved when necessary. Only a standard torque wrench or hex key is required for assembly or disassembly.

The modular railing system comes in 10 foot sections with 5 foot return sections. The horizontal railing and 42″ vertical uprights that make up each railing section are made from Schedule 40 pipes.

System components can be powder coating over the galvanized finish in Safety Yellow as an additional option. The system base is also designed to accommodate an optional timber toeboard if needed.

Ideal for Construction

FlexGuard Portable was specifically designed for the construction industry and to meet the needs of contractors. The portable railing system can deployed in conjunction with the FlexLine Warning Line System to designate a rooftop perimeter that meets safety standards for large roofing jobs.

Easy Installation

Modular railing system can be assembled quickly, It only takes 1 hour for 2 people to install a 100 foot FlexGuard Portable railing system.


FlexGuard Portable is a free-standing guardrail that does not require drilling, special anchoring or penetration of the roof membrane. Instead, the portable system base weights hold railing in place without the need to penetrate the roof.


Railing and system components are galvanized for extra durability and to protect against rust. The recycled PVC bases are rugged, durable and rust free

OSHA Compliant

Meets OSHA regulations for fall safety with a temporary, mobile railing solutionc


The system’s base weights are made of recycled PVC and weigh a minimum of 90 pounds. The base weights are made up of two interlocking halves, and are supplied assembled. The weights can be easily split by removing two bolts allowing each half to be carried by a single person. The base weights incorporate comfortable carrying handles allowing two people the option to carry a complete base weight.

Mobile Guardrail Projects

Portable Safety Railing Animation

How can I get an estimate on a non-penetrating system?

Call one of our experts at 1-800-353-9425 or start a chat below. Some information needed includes locations of hazards, size of the roof, type of work being done, and frequency of access.  No cost site assessments are also available.

What colors are guardrail available in? 

FlexGuard railing comes standard with an anti-corrosive clear coating over a hot-dipped galvanized steel finish. FlexGuard can be painted or powder coated to match any building or aesthetic preference.

How thick does the railing on a guardrail need to be?

The exact thickness depends on material and jurisdiction you’re in. In general, OSHA mandates at least a 1/4″ thickness for the top rail and midrail of a guardrail system.  The most common guard railing material is 1.90” O.D. tubing or 1 ½” pipe.

Are guardrails passive fall protection?


Is guardrail considered fall protection?

Yes, when properly designed to meet OSHA as well as other applicable codes such as IBC and ASCE 7.

What is an OSHA compliant guardrail?

In general, a guardrail must have a top rail, midrail, and uprights. Top Rail – 42″ +/-3″, mid rail – 21″, & can withstand a 200 lbs. point load or 50 lbs. per linear foot.  A toeboard should also be included if there is a risk associated with kicked objects falling on anyone below