Metal Roof Guardrail

Flexible Lifeline System’s metal roof guardrail that will protect your employees from harm and your company from liability.

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Fall protection for standing seam and corrugated metal roofs

Flexible Lifeline System’s metal roof safety railing separates people from hazards and provides mandated protection for workers gaining access to the rooftop and edge. A tested solution that is fully compliant with OSHA and other international fall protection regulations.

The railing system is pre-engineered to work with both standing seam and corrugated roof panels. Because it’s pre-engineered, the system can configured for your roof in days eliminating time-consuming and costly design work.

Safety Railing for Corrugated and Standing Seam Rooftops

Railing for Corrugated Metal Rooftops

Railing for Corrugated Metal Rooftops

The uneven surfaces of corrugated metal rooftops can pose a significant slip and trip hazard in addition to standard rooftop fall hazards. Having the right fall protection system to ensure the safety of people accessing the roof is critical.

Railing systems for corrugated metal roofs can be challenging to engineer. Weighted railing systems will not work due to the profile of metal roofs. FLS’s topfix is a pre-engineered railing system that mounts directly to the folds of a corrugated metal roof. The Topfix guardrail system distributes the forces on the railing over a wide area requiring the minimum number of penetrations while ensuring the safety of rooftop workers.

Metal Base Plate for Corrugated Rooftops

Metal Base Plate for Corrugated Rooftops

The base plate is engineered to distribute the load applied to the railing across a large portion of the roof surface. Corrugated metal roofs are not intended to take excessive loads in a focused location. The base plate distributes these loads and ensures that the railing will hold firm in the event that someone trips into or leans into the railing.

Railing for Standing Seam Rooftops

Railing for Standing Seam Rooftops

Provides OSHA compliant fall safety for rooftop workers. The safety railing system attaches directly to the standing seam metal roof profile using non-penetrating roof clamps.

As with all of the railing systems, the pre-engineered modular components make the configuration and deployment of railing systems for even complicated standing seam rooftops a streamlined process. Our engineers can design a railing system solution for your standing seam roof. Contact us for a review and estimate.

Non-penetrating Base Clamps

Non-penetrating Base Clamps

Until recently, applying a fall protection railing system onto a standing seam roof has been an involved and expensive task. Flexible Lifeline Systems’ cutting edge engineering work has produced roof clamps designed to work with a wide variety of standing seam roofs. Whatever the layout of your standing seam rooftop, we can  configure and attach a railing system to your metal roof without penetrating the roof surface.

Metal Roof Railing System Advantages

Passive Fall Protection

Railing doesn’t require workers to harness and hook up to a system. While lifelines, anchor points, and lanyards require ongoing maintenance and training, a rooftop railing system provides the simplest solution by eliminating the fall hazard altogether.

Custom Configuration

The modular components of the railing system can configured to accommodate the specific fall protection needs of your roof including ladder access and roof top obstacles.

Easy Installation

Pre-engineered modular components allow the system to be configured and implemented quickly and easily by contractors, maintenance professionals. FLS personnel can be used to install your system, but specialized labor is not required.

OSHA Compliant

FLS railing systems are fully compliant to OSHA and Industry Standards. Protect yourself against fines, your business against liability, and most importantly, your workers with a railing system that meets OSHA standards.