Portable Rooftop Anchor Points

Freestanding rooftop anchors provide worker safety at heights where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures. This portable, non-penetrating, deadweight anchor system can be used on rooftops that have a pitch of 5 degrees or less. No individual component of the Freestanding Rooftop Anchor system weighs more than 56 lbs. and each weight includes built-in handles so it can be easily deployed and quickly put to use.

Portable Anchor Point Advantages

  • Installs on nominally flat or up to 5 degree sloped roofs
  • Non-penetrating design rests on roof surface
  • Integrated handles for easy transport
  • Compatible with fall arrest connecting systems
  • Portable and reusable
  • Can be used for temporary or permanent fall protection

Expertise In Portable Fall Arrest Anchors

Maximizing the fall protection provided by freestanding rooftop anchors requires the proper harnesses, lanyards, and training. FLS is your fall protection expert for assessing and addressing any potential rooftop fall hazards. Contact us today for more information on our portable energy absorbing roof anchors.

Portable Anchor Specifications

  • 4′-6″ x 4′-6″
  • Must be used 10′ from fall hazard
  • Engineered for use with lanyards that have a 900 lb maximum arresting force
  • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Rubber bonded weights each have over 100 molded-in suction cups for maximum grip
  • OSHA Compliant

Portable Anchor Point Features

Easy to Install

The system can be set up easily and quickly, providing OSHA compliant fall protection when and where it’s needed. The allen key and bar which are included in the kit are the only tools needed for setup. No additional tools or specialized labor is required.

Versatile Fall Protection

Freestanding Rooftop Anchors and be used for fall arrest or for fall restraint. The system provides an OSHA compliant fall arrest anchor for a single worker. In the event of a fall, the rubber coating around each base weight spreads the load of the fall over 20 square feet, protecting both your worker and your rooftop. The anchor can also be setup as a fall restraint system for two workers by preventing them from reaching the fall hazard.

Fall Protection Where You Need It

FLS Freestanding Rooftop Anchors are normally used where it is impractical to install traditional fixed posts or rigid anchor posts to the roof or supporting structure. The anchor system has been tested for use on single ply membrane rooftops, as well as mineral felt, concrete, and stone chipping (brushed) rooftops. The system can be used in both wet and dry conditions.


The portable rooftop anchor system doesn’t puncture your roof preventing leaks from occurring and maintaining your roof warranty.


Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 standards, the Portable Rooftop Anchor is expected to last decades and is corrosion resistant for longevity in harsh environments.

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