Modular fall protection track for roofs that attaches easily without expensive roof penetration requirements.

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Fall Protection Trolley For Sloped & Metal Roofs

The FlexTraxx system provides a secure, mobile attachment eye and extruded aluminum track for height safety applications. It has been created to offer a low and unobtrusive appearance on a wide range of roof profiles currently available in the global roofing market.

FLS provides you with the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that you’re providing your employees with the best roof fall protection system available.

Modular Solution For Roof Safety

The FlexTraxx roof fall protection system can be designed to be any length and is easy to extend when required. The modular style of the FlexTraxx system makes it easy to add sections. We take into account your expansion plans when designing your system to further reduce costs when the time comes to expand and to ensure there are no surprises as your safety system grows to meet your future requirements.

Affordable Solution For Roofs

The FlexTraxx system is attached to the roofing system without the need for expensive penetrations or structural reinforcements, making it an affordable solution to meet your roof fall safety needs.

Re-Certification After A Fall

After a fall, the retractable lifeline and full body harness along with the fall protection system should be inspected by a competent person before they can be used again. FLS can send a technician to the site to perform a full system inspection. If the system is required to be used prior to our technician arriving, a designated competent person should perform a visual inspection of the system in accordance with the inspection criteria provided at the time of certification.

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